Picking The Right Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom - 5 Tips

Wall tiles play an important role in a space - especially if it’s the bathroom we’re talking about. They enhance the overall look and appearance of the space and simultaneously, protect the walls against any moisture damage. However, with an endless list of wall tile bathroom options in the market - it can be truly confusing as to what works the best! Isn’t it? Well, don’t worry! Here’s a list of the top 5 tips to consider when picking the right bathroom wall tiles

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Choose the Material

Picking The Right Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom - 5 Tips

The material of your tile definitely plays an important aspect, when choosing tiles for the bathroom. Available in ceramic, porcelain, glass, cement, mosaic, and natural stone - how to choose the best tile material? Well, you need to consider the aspects of maintenance and user-friendliness. Glass, when used on the bathroom floors can create a slippery feel. 

Hence, the best material tiles to go in your bathroom are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles since they are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Even tile materials like cement, terracotta, and natural stone need periodic sealing and maintenance.

Pick a Finish

Picking The Right Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom - 5 Tips

Once you’ve picked the best bathroom tile material, it’s important to choose the correct finish that further creates a comfortable and welcoming experience. On the bathroom floors, the glossy finish is a big no-no! It might lead to unwanted slipping and sliding. Hence, one of the best tile finishes is either matte finish tiles or textured for a safe and secure feel indoors.

However, if you prefer the feel of glossy tiles - don’t hold back from styling them on the walls of your bathroom

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Consider the Tile Size

Picking The Right Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom - 5 Tips

The next step in the process is to consider the size of your tile. This majorly depends upon the factors of minimal tile cutting and wastage as well. Hence, you must choose smaller-sized tiles on the floors to increase the grout lines and decrease the chances of slipping. 

Simultaneously, you also have the option to choose a desirable tile pattern and shape such as rectangular, square, or even hexagon tiles. This is where you can make your bathroom look unique and out-of-the-box with the help of tiles. Subway tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom walls as they can be laid in a traditional brick pattern, aligned or stacked pattern, and on a herringbone pattern. You don't need to buy a mosaic herringbone tile in order to compose that pattern. Any subway tile will do it!

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Decide the Color Palette

Picking The Right Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom - 5 Tips

It is always a great idea to consider the color palette and scheme of your bathroom before purchasing the tiles. In a way, you need to finalize the base and accent color of your tiles and determine what will work best for the floors or the walls. You can either choose a monochromatic bathroom style or pick tiles that contradict and contrast with each other. 

It’s also advisable to play smart depending upon the size of your bathroom. For instance, in the smaller bathroom, choose lighter-hued tiles for a sense of openness and airiness.

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Determine the Budget

Picking The Right Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom - 5 Tips

Never overlook the overall budget of your bathroom. So, initially, it’s important to determine the budget of the bathroom and choose the tiles wisely. Moreover, don’t compromise on the quality of the tiles since they can be long-lasting!

Picking the right wall tiles for your bathroom can be quite fun and challenging! So, are you ready to get on board? 

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