White subway tile installed on a interior wall in a herringbone pattern

Tiles offer tremendous opportunities for design and drama in a space. Thinking outside the box and laying tiles in the most challenging yet intriguing ways is the key to creativity. And how can that be achieved? Well by simply injecting patterns that add a sense of movement and dynamism to the walls. 

From simplistic rectangular and standard square layouts to eye-catching chevron and herringbone - have a look at these 8 types of tile layout patterns for your home.

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Herringbone Pattern Tiles

These 45-degree angled tiles create a V-shaped row that adds a sense of depth and motion to the room. Whether it is porcelain, glass, or natural stone - you can perfectly create contrast in colors and textures with this pattern on the floors as well as the kitchen backsplash

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Herringbone Pattern Floor Tile

Herringbone Pattern Wall Tile

Aqua Herringbone Pattern Tile featured on a coffee bar

Violet Herringbone Patter Wall Tile featured on a contemporary kitchen backsplash

Brick and Subway Pattern Tiles

This brick-looking pattern exhibits a pure Industrial look. Also known as a running bond, this brickwork pattern showcases a style in which each tile starts at the center of the tile below it. This is also quite a classical and timeless layout for subway tiles on the floors and walls.

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Aqua Brick Subway Tile featured on a kitchen backsplash

White Brick Subway Tile featured on a bathroom vanity backsplash

Hexagonal Pattern Tiles

Another great way to add a sense of eye-catching character and modern ambiance is by creating a stunning backdrop with normal or elongated hexagons. There are quite a few design possibilities here as you can even experiment with two, three, or four colors in a single panorama. 

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Hexagon Pattern Wall Tiles on a bathroom

Hexagon Pattern Floor Tiles installed on a living room

Hexagon Tiles featured on a bathroom wall behind a clawfoot bathtub

Octagonal Pattern Tiles

Sharing similarities with the hexagonal pattern, the diamond is rather more chic and sophisticated. This layout uses square tiles at an angle of 45 degrees to instantaneously create an interesting and captivating backdrop. You can even create a blend of diamond, staggered brick, and octagonal patterns to add visual interest to the walls as well as floors.

Vintage Bathroom featuring a octagonal porcelain floor tile back and white

Chevron Pattern Tiles

The Chevron pattern shares quite a few similarities with herringbone. This layout has the shorter end of the tiles lined up to form a 45-degree joint that showcases an endlessly stylish and classic look! Also, one of the most fun-loving and intriguing patterns - here is a great opportunity to play with various bold and multi-colored hues.

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Inlay Brass Chevron Tile featured on a kitchen backsplash

Wood look porcelain tile installed in a chevron pattern on a bathroom floor

Stacked Vertical

Especially to create an illusion of a taller space, stack the rectangular tiles vertically to emphasize a sense of height and perspective to the room. Mostly used in subway tiles, this is a great way to add timelessness and geometric appeal to your space.

Stacked Vertically Pattern Subway Tile featured on a bathroom behind the vanity wall

Basket Weave Pattern Tiles

Basket Weave Wall Tile Black and White featured on a shower wall

Basketweave is a timeless transitional style pattern that imbibes a sense of modern and traditional vibes in a home. Using mosaic tiles with tiny square patterns, this pattern is bound to add a dramatic soft appearance to the room. Moreover, it is a great recommendation for bathroom floors and kitchen backsplash

Stacked Pattern Tiles

Defining utmost simplicity, this basic pattern lays out rectangular tiles stacked on each other to create a seamless and clean look. And especially for modern and contemporary backdrops - this pattern is quite good to go! And you must know that this is a great way to add a sense of horizontal feel to your room. 

Stacked Pattern Aqua Subway Tile installed on a coastal theme bathroom 

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