5 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tiles

Does your bathroom feel cramped and congested? Maybe you’re residing in one of the city apartments and are confined by the small square footage of the bathroom. Well, there are always some clever ways to make the most of your small bathroom. We, at Mineral Tiles, have finely curated the top 5 tips and tricks to make your small bathroom look bigger - with the help of tiles instead of painting or using wallpaper.

Whether you’re renovating your small bathroom or building from scratch - these tips will help you create an airy experience. All you need is to smartly choose a color palette and further lay your tiles creatively to create an illusion! Don’t worry - here are some real-time bathroom examples to illustrate the pointers.

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Choose Glazed Bathroom Wall Tiles

1- Glazed bathroom wall tiles

Glazed or glossy bathroom wall tiles can reflect the incoming artificial light - thus, making your space look larger. This shiny surface can create an illusion of a bigger bathroom space and you must always use them on the bathroom wall only. Using these tiles on the bathroom floor can foster slipping and sliding! And since they’re also quite easy to clean - you must use them actively to maintain hygiene in the bathroom.

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Add a Shower Niche

2- vertical bathroom tiles and niche

One of the classic and practical ways to maximize space in your bathroom is to install a shower niche. Not only is this design element functional and classy but also creates an illusion of a larger and airier space. You can keep your toiletries handy in this stylish niche while also making a dashing statement. This design idea clearly replaces the old-school projecting glass shelves.

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Use large-format Bathroom Tiles

3- large format bathroom tiles

Believe it or not, laying large format bathroom tiles will instantly enhance your bathroom and create an illusion of a larger space. Of course, due to the fewer grout lines - this is the absolute bathroom design trick to play with your mind. The ultimate idea is to make the grout pattern less prominent! The smaller the tiles, the more grout lines - hence, the illusion of a smaller space.

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Try a Monochromatic Color Palette

4- monochromatic bathroom tiles

Too many colors, patterns, and textures can create a haphazard look. And especially in your small bathroom space, it’s ideal to choose a single or monochromatic color palette that can create a seamless look. Generally, you must either choose a light or dark-toned color palette to add a sense of depth and make that small bathroom visually appealing and larger.

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Install Floor-To-Ceiling Tile

5- bathroom floor tiles

Installing the bathroom wall tiles from floor to ceiling can help achieve an airier and larger space. It tends to create an illusion of a taller space - hence, making those small, cramped bathrooms look enlarged. This way, the bathroom wall tiles draw your eye up to the bottom of the ceiling. You can style with subway tiles, mosaic tiles, herringbone patterns, or even large format square tiles.

You must upgrade where it counts and follow these tips and tricks to make your small bathroom look bigger. Remember, following these little steps can instantly make your bathroom feel “not-so-small”!

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