White Bathroom Tile Ideas: 5 Designs You’ll Love

White bathrooms are one of the most versatile, timeless, and sophisticated. They feel airy and fresh, and will never make your space feel boring and outdated. Whether you have a traditional and Country style or modern and Scandinavian - the white bathroom tiles will suit one and all - cohesively and beautifully. Your white bathrooms have the ‘power’ to easily blend with any color palette and decor, and that’s the true magic! Don't believe it? Well, have a look at these 5 designs that will totally blow your mind.

Master the Monochromes

1- white bathroom tiles

If you’re looking for a design that never fades away and stands ahead of time, this bathroom is definitely something to have an eye on. Clad the chic white bathroom tiles all the way up to the ceiling and pair them with pine or walnut wooden finishes for the best results. To top it all, you must infuse stainless steel, chrome, satin brass, or matte black fixtures to play stunning!

Embrace the Florals

2- white bathroom design

Beautify an accent wall with the help of floral natural stone tiles that will make a gorgeous statement overall. However, don’t overdo the tiles and use them everywhere since that will create a haphazard look! Meanwhile, these white bathroom tiles can look the best when paired opposite white granite, matte black hardware, and ample greenery to go.

Splash a Secondary Hue

3- white bathroom designs

If you’re bored of the all-white, monochromatic look - pair the white bathroom tiles with a bold and contrasting accent color on the walls. Remember, white tiles are quite versatile and can easily make a timeless statement with any color - whether beige, gray, green, blue, or black. Although you must note the overall scale and size of the bathroom before analyzing how light or dark the paint color should be! 

Play with Multiple White Tiles

4- white bathroom ideas

How about playing with multiple white tiles to make your bathroom feel even more intriguing and elegant? Well, yes - dedicating the lower wainscotting for white terrazzo tiles and the upper for sleek white subway tiles is the way through. We’ve further paired these tiles with matte black window frames, sanitary fixtures, and hardware to break the monotony of an all-white background. In the case of wooden textures, choose darker finishes such as ebony, pine, or walnut.

Introduce Penny Tiles

5- bathroom white tiles

Introduce our latest white penny tiles to make your bathroom stand out! Why choose the old-school subway tiles when you can even incorporate the classic round penny tiles, right? Well, it’s important to not overdo the tiles and use them only on an accent wall (either behind the vanity or the shower area). Pair with gray cement-mimicking tiles, oak wooden textures, and stainless steel fixtures for the best results. 

When it comes to the white bathroom tiles - here at Mineral Tiles, we’ve got you covered! Our wide range of bathroom white tiles will inspire you and motivate you to get started with the next bathroom project. Get in touch with us for any queries!

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