Rejuvenate With Floral Tiles: 6 Ideas

Whether it’s the spring season or winter - floral tiles will always feel trendy and refreshing. Especially if you have the taste for charming florals and beautiful flower-mimicked patterns - the wall and floor tiles are a wonderful way to bring rejuvenation and a sense of serenity to your bathroom, entryway, laundry room, as well as the kitchen. One of the best ways to express your feminine and subtle personality - immerse yourself in our collection of floral tiles to bring the best into your space. Some tiles are floral-shaped whereas some are floral-printed and floral-inspired - and let’s check which one inspires you the most!

Floral-Shaped Daisy Stone Tile

kitchen tile backsplash

Composed of white premium natural stone, these floral-shaped tiles is a unique way to infuse the feminine vibe in your kitchen or bathroom. Choose to create an accent with these tiles and make your space even more welcoming, lively, and refreshing. These tiles are ideal only for shower and bathroom walls, featured walls, and fireplace surround.

Floral-Inspired Porcelain Tile

porcelain floor tile

The matte-finish floral cement floor tile can make a beautifully subtle and serene statement in your bathroom, entryway, as well as the kitchen. The exclusive beige, taupe, and sage green hue marks an earthy statement in your Mediterranean, bohemian, mid-century modern tiles, and contemporary spaces. The geometric pattern on the bathroom floor calls for an impactful touch in your bathroom. 

Wood-Looking Floral Tile

walk-in shower tile ideas

Whether it’s the bathroom floors or living room and kitchen - make a statement with wood-looking floral tiles for a raw and natural look. This blossom-covered flooring has the perfect amount of old-world charm and has the utmost vintage-weathered tile look. The monochromatic hues of natural wood make this tile pattern even more intriguing in the modern farmhouse, eclectic, and transitional look.

Floral-Printed Star Jazz Tile

porcelain tile flooring

Reflect a statement of eclecticism with these jazz patterned star and floral floor tiles that can create an eye-catchy and stunning statement. One of the best characteristics of these floor tiles is extreme durability and strength against harsh weather. Even if you’re intrigued by the idea of mosaic patterns - this floral tile is all you’d need in your new space.

Multicolored Floral Hexagon Tile

shower wall tile

Don’t be afraid to introduce a multicolored floral pattern into your space. Remember, floral patterns aren’t just for your grandmother’s old sofa - rather this is also a beautiful way to create a soft and rejuvenating experience in your personal spaces. This is also a bespoke and unique way to mix and merge the various floral-patterned hexagon tiles to be used in country-style, traditional, contemporary, and modern spaces.

Coastal Blue Vintage Floral Tile

kitchen backsplash tile


Especially for coastal and Mediterranean interior design styles, these vintage and distressed coastal blue floral tiles will definitely make a statement on the floor as well as the backsplash. This blue, gray, and white tile offers a calming, serene, and tranquilizing statement - hence, also a great choice to make your smaller spaces feel larger.

So, are you excited to rejuvenate your spaces with these trending floral tiles? Aren't they absolutely breathtaking? Well, it’s time to introduce a floral statement in your home and let that personality dive in! 

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