6 Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas for 2023

From choosing the perfect kitchen countertop to color palette, layout, and appliances - there are quite a few other ‘in-between’ elements that also define the overall feel and aesthetics of a kitchen. Exactly! And one such fun hidden element is the backsplash! 

As you may know that these backsplash tiles are basically the wall covering materials that offer phenomenal aesthetics and backdrop to the kitchen. In addition, they are also extremely easy to clean during any food spills and dirt. So, regardless of your interior design style, here is a list of 6 kitchen backsplash design ideas for 2023 to spruce up your kitchens!

Play with Picket and Hexagonal Accents

hexagon backsplash tiles

Backsplash tiles indeed tend to grab attention and dominate your color palette. And it is even more eye-catchy when these tiles reflect a certain dimension! For instance, in this case, the hexagon tiles backsplash as well as their elongated version - picket tiles backsplash, play focal while throwing that splash of color to the overall palette!

picket backsplash tiles

Mix and Match the Patterns

patterned backsplash tiles

You don’t necessarily have to use the same backsplash throughout the perimeter. Rather, a blend of base and patterned encaustic accent tiles would make a great statement in your kitchen. Hence, to highlight a specific function, let’s say the stove - try using a contrasting pair of backsplash tiles that notably add depth and character to this space.

This transitional style kitchen is a classic example. Look how seamlessly the two tiles complement each other, right?

Rectangular Glossy Tiles

glossy subway backsplash tiles

Fusing the pattern and texture, this subway-style rectangular tile definitely creates a sense of character and depth. Moreover, in the case of neutral and off-white tones, this effect is rather meant to multiply. 

Apparently, to make your kitchen seem taller and larger - you can place these tiles up to the ceiling to enjoy that illusion. And not to forget, the glossiness will tend to further reflect the natural light!

Timeless White Marble

Lantern White Marble Backsplash Tile

An extra level of luxe and elegance can be introduced through timeless and sophisticated white marble. So, if you aren’t a big fan of upgrading and renovating your kitchen every now and then - you can once and for all specify white marble that will never feel outdated. 

Moreover, once paired with brass or nickel pull handles and lush hardwood floors - the overall result would be quite flabbergasting!

Herringbone is the New Cool

Herringbone Backsplash TilesWhy choose vertical and horizontal when you can also play with diagonals, right? Well, yes! Herringbone tiles can be that new cool in your fun-loving kitchen that craves a tinge of personality and drama. 

Not only are you trying to escape the normal here - but also giving your kitchen a perfect makeover that would rather steal the eyes of your guests!

A Vibrant One

Teal Subway Backsplash Tiles

This teal-hued, vivid pattern is going to give your kitchen a perfect vibe. Rather than following the old-school countertop to the cabinet surface - try reaching out the backsplash tiles to the entire wall for a wholesome experience.

Not only will this reflect a chic and magnanimous look but also protect the walls against food spills and unnecessary dirt.

So, are you excited to introduce a touch of creativity and boldness to your kitchens? Well, these backsplash design ideas are something to definitely have an eye on! 

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