Installing a mosaic tile backsplash is usually a simple task. However, a lot of people are not sure on what to do when you have an electrical outlet on the wall.
In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to install mosaic tiles around electrical outlets.
Before we start, here are some things that you will need to install your mosaic tiles around an electrical outlet:

• A utility blade

• A hard surfaces where you can cut the tile over

• A screw driver

• A voltage detector

Safety is always important. So make sure that you have turned the power off on the area you will work in. To make sure there is no risk, use the voltage detector on the electrical outlets. You should have no voltage at all on the outlet before you start to work.Now that everything is clear and you have a safe environment to work in, grab the screwdriver and remove the cover plate from the outlet.

Now, let’s work on the tile installation. Start your tile installation from the left bottom or right bottom of the area you plan to tile. Where you start is up to you (as long as you start from the bottom). Keep installing the sheets until you get close to the outlet.
With the mosaic sheet in hand, identify which parts of the mosaic would cover the outlet and, with the utility blade, remove this part from the tile. Before cutting this part out, remember to place the mosaic over a hard surface that will have no problems with cuts or scratches.

You will find out that, for every installation, you will need a different plan on where and what to cut. Here are some examples:


a) Removing a rectangular part exactly over the outlet
b) Cutting the mosaic in parts and installing each piece separately.
c) Cutting the mosaic in two parts (an ‘L’ shape part and the rest of the sheet), installing the L shape and using the rest of the sheet to complete the gap.

All these solutions are fine and will work on different situations. Just make sure you’re lining up the grout joints properly. A good advice is the less number of pieces you cut the sheet down to, the easier is to line up the joints.
When you have the area covered with the mosaic, grab the cover plate and gently place it over the outlet. Make sure that there are no gaps. Ideally all the edges of the plate should be touching the mosaic chips. If not you will need to make minor adjustments on the installation.

When all the mosaic sheets are installed and grouted, just place the cover plate back.

Now, just turn the power on again and it’s DONE. Another project accomplished.