Tiling Small Bathrooms: 5 Tips & Tricks

Bathrooms and tiles go hand-in-hand. Not only do they ensure year-round durability but also protect the bathroom’s walls and floors against moisture retention. Tiling small bathrooms and shower areas can be tricky for obvious reasons. The limited space poses the question of limited design potential while attempting to maximize the airiness of the space. Hence, we’ve elaborated some ‘tried and tested’ ways to creatively and efficiently tile the small bathrooms. Have a look and we’re sure you’ll be astonished! 

Lay the Tiles Vertically

1- bathroom wall tiles

It’s a given that vertical lines allow your space to appear much larger and taller. Hence, it’s ideal to lay the bathroom wall tiles in a vertical manner to create an illusion of ‘height’ and a sense of luxury and elegance. The whole idea is to create an intriguing pattern that draws the eye upward and makes the space exhibit the feeling of an ‘ensuite’. Try avoiding the horizontal layout since that can further make your bathroom appear dull and dingy!

Color Palette is Primary

2- bathroom wall tile

It’s important to stick to a neutral color palette that is majorly reigned by off-whites, soft grays, and beiges with an interesting vibrant addition of fresh greenery. These subtle hues will exhibit a sense of calm and serenity while making the small bathroom appear airy and spacious. Typically, Scandi-style tile designs are definitely something to look forward to! The amalgamation of softer hues with light wooden textures makes a great delightful and charming corner.

Minimize the Grout Lines

3- bathroom porcelain tiles

Believe it or not: the fewer the grout lines, the larger your space will appear. So, it’s ideal to choose medium to larger tile sizes that will not just minimize the grout lines but also make the bathroom appear much cleaner and crisp. It’s all about ‘not’ making the bathroom appear cramped with a haphazard look but rather prioritizing the beauty of the ‘available’ space and optimizing it efficiently.

Pick Glossy Finish

4- bathroom ceramic tiles

For small bathrooms, it’s ideal to choose tile materials and finishes that are reflective in nature. For instance, choosing glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, or mirrored tiles is a great way to reflect light and make the small bathroom appear larger. You can even choose ceramic or porcelain tiles in a glossy finish and lay them in a herringbone, chevron, or arabesque pattern to create an intriguing effect.

Blur the Wall and Floor Tiles

5- bathroom floor tiles

Another way to make your small bathroom appear larger is by simply choosing the similar kind of tiles running on the wall as well as the floor. This will create an illusion of a larger space, higher ceilings, and the utmost sense of luxury and elegance. Since the eye draws the horizontal and vertical perspective as a single entity, this smarter way of playing with tiles is definitely a must to incorporate in small bathrooms, like the hexagon floor and wall tiles displayed on the picture above.

So, are you excited to style your small bathroom and make it appear larger with the help of strategically laid tiles?

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