Do Modern Kitchens Have Tiles?

A common question amongst homeowners when renovating their homes or building a new construction is - “Do Modern Kitchens have tiles?”. And the answer would be yes! Modern kitchens generally consist of monochromatic calming and subtle hues, plain patterns, sleek lines, clean geometry, and chic finishes. They’re devoid of intricate patterns and ornamental intricacies - hence, composing a harmonious and simplistic kitchen panorama. Here, at Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide array of kitchen tiles that can complement your modern and contemporary backdrop. Don’t believe it? Well, have a look!

Tile Types For Modern Kitchen

Plain Tiles

1- kitchen wall tiles

A major characteristic of the modern kitchen is a fresh, bright, and clean ambiance. Hence, choosing kitchen wall tiles that replicate clean, chic, and a sense of simplicity is ideal. For instance, the lighter-toned tiles in the subway, herringbone, or hexagon shapes can make a modern and contemporary appeal. Choosing clean and neutral colors for your cabinetry can further enhance the appearance of your modern kitchen.

Patterned Tiles

2- patterned kitchen backsplash tiles

Who says that you can’t use the patterned tiles in your modern kitchen? Well, this modern kitchen design clearly illustrates the use of patterned backsplash tiles in contrast with sleek cabinetry and modern wall and material finishes. Just a pop of contrast and accent with the help of intriguing monochrome patterns will make you want to swoon over the modern kitchen over and over again.

Hexagon Shaped Tiles

3- modern kitchen tiles

Your modern kitchen design also deserves an intriguing tile pattern such as a hexagon, penny, or picket. Why choose the old-school square and rectangular tiles when you can dive deeper into the world of hexagons, right? This modern kitchen design beautifully plays with earthy and organic hues along with the flabbergasting use of hexagon tiles. Make an accent and let the remaining finishes be simple, sleek, and clean.

Marble Tiles

4- modern tiles kitchen

Marble is often associated with an opulent and luxe appeal. When paired with clean whites, chic wooden textures, and black metallic finishes - it further has the potential to look quite perfectly modern and contemporary. This modern kitchen design illustrates the use of marble backsplash tiles to create a smooth and seamless experience overall. Remember, when designing your modern-style kitchen - always let the ‘marble’ play the focal point!

Glazed Tiles

5- kitchen modern tile ideas

The glossy finish and high-light reflective qualities ensure the glazed tiles make a supreme statement in a modern kitchen. Classic, timeless, easy to clean, and easy to maintain - the glazed tiles can also potentially make your small kitchen appear airier and larger. We’d say that fresh, lighter colors for the glazed tiles are a win-win situation here. This particular modern kitchen displays the use of glazed penny tiles but you can even incorporate sleek rectangular, subway, or picket tiles.

If you would like to discuss your modern kitchen design and search for the best possible modern tile for the kitchen, get in touch with one of our experts who can guide you through the best contemporary choices for your space. 

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