white hexagon tiles featured on a bathroom wall

The hexagon - a 6-sided polygon is the beautiful mimicry of nature that can often be found in the shape of honeycombs, organic chemistry, or snowflakes. This shape has a balanced and symmetrical geometry which makes the shape further feel special and unique - especially in the interior design and home decor industry. If rectangular and square-shaped tiles are too old school for you, it’s time to style with hexagon tiles that can simultaneously add a touch of drama and uniqueness. 

Whether it’s the accent wall of your living and dining room or the bathroom shower area - the trending shape of ‘hexagon’ on the floor or wall will offer phenomenal results. Don’t believe it? Well, let’s have a look at these 5 stunning ways to use hexagon tiles in your home.

Kitchen Backsplash

Hexagon Tiles as kitchen backsplash

You can choose to create an accent with hexagon tiles on the kitchen backsplash for the ultimate ‘wow’ factor. Here, you may either choose a subtle hue for the hexagon backsplash tile and let your cabinets be a bold and contrasting hue. Or you may let your kitchen speak out loud with a bold backsplash tile! Isn’t the honeycomb pattern created by the hexagon tiles an absolute bliss?

Bathroom Floors

Hexagon tiles on the bathroom floors

Generally, in the bathrooms, the tiles are considered to be one of the best flooring options. With the latest ongoing trends in the bathroom design industry, there have been multiple experiments with the use of intriguing shapes, materials, and textures. So, why not choose an intriguing shape like a hexagon over the old-school rectangles, circles, and squares? Well, you can even choose to create patterns with your floor hexagon tile for eye-catchy results.

Bathroom Walls

Hexagon Wall Tiles in bathroom

Your bathroom walls - especially the shower area have the potential to speak the true character of your space. Not only do the hexagon tiles protect your bathroom wall against moisture and damage but also make a phenomenal appeal. You can either choose to style that bathroom shower accent wall in hexagon tiles or even the wall behind your sink. Do you know what works best? Well, using the same hexagon tiles running from the shower walls to the floor.

Foyer Walls

Hexagon Tiles in Foyer

It’s true that the first impression is the last! Well, there are multiple ways to decorate the walls of your foyer or entryway - but one of the most durable, long-lasting, and efficient wall treatments is the wall tiles. And you don’t have to play boring if you’ve got these hexagon black and white tiles onboard. This intriguing pattern duplicates the sense of a vision of a maze to make your walls look absolutely eye-catchy.

Floors with Multiple Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles in living and dining room

Whether it’s the flooring of your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom - it’s never a bad idea to style with multiple hexagon tiles. Since this shape is symmetrical - you can mix and match any varied hue of the hexagon tile to create a dramatic pattern. And remember all this while, ensure to keep your furniture and walls light, airy, and upscale!

Summing Up - Using Hexagon Tiles

If you embrace the feel of Eclectic and quirky - using hexagon tiles in your home may be one of the best ideas. You have the option to play with multiple hues or simply choose a single hue. So, how do you plan to style it with hexagon tiles? Walls? Floors? Well, I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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