rustic and distressed bathroom wall combining exposed cement and black glossy subway tiles

If you strictly follow the trend of ‘ban the beige’ and are looking to remodel your bathrooms in a fun, quirky, and eclectic style - it’s time to have an eye on these 8 eclectic bathroom design ideas. The energetic, bold, and dramatic bathroom designs will make your spaces feel more interesting and full of valor, and style. The visual interest and depth created by the eclectic-style tiles are truly unmatchable and simultaneously, timeless. Let’s have a look and get inspired!

The Monochromatic Teal Bathroom

bathroom tile designs

The contrasts of bold teal tiles against the light blue truly juxtapose and create a stunning bathroom appeal. Further pair with satin brass fixtures for a rich, playful, and Eclectic vibe. 

The Olive Green Bathroom

bathroom tile ideas

Clad your bathroom walls in this olive green glossy tile - floor-to-ceiling for additional drama and depth. If you prefer a sleek and contemporary look in your bathroom, this eclectic bathroom design idea is definitely something to have an eye on.

All Blue Bathroom

bathroom shower tile ideas

Picket tiles are a great way to spruce your eclectic bathroom walls. Since this design style is about creating an outstanding, unique, bold, and quirky look - the intriguing-shaped tiles further add a sense of visual interest. 

Vintage Distressed Bathroom

picket tile bathroom

The rustic appearance of the tiles allows room for added visual sense and dimension. If you adore a vintage vibe for your eclectic bathroom, these distressed tiles are a great way to style the bathroom as well as shower walls. Juxtapose the tiles with natural stone, satin brass lighting fixtures, and a planter or two for the best results.

The Pine Green Bathroom

bathroom floor tiles

Let your eclectic bathroom take on the dual personality! The shiny and glossy pine green tiles beautifully complement the patterned hexagon floor tiles for the utmost maximalist appeal. The walls take up the weight and pull the entire drama at eye level! 

The Dramatic Blue Bathroom

tile shower ideas

Our classic blue subway tiles are loved by many homeowners! You can either choose to stack them vertically or horizontally depending on the size of your bathroom and the vibe you’re aiming to create. Further, pair with a white oak wood finish and subtle white hexagon tiles for a seamless experience. 

Nature-Inspired Eclectic Bathroom

bathroom tile designs

The calming sage greens and pine-oak flooring says it all! This neutral, airy, and refreshing nature-inspired eclectic bathroom is a perfect design idea if you’re fond of a tranquilizing and soothing vibe. Pair it with additional indoor plants to make it a relaxing haven! 

The Maximalist Luxe Bathroom

subway tile shower

If maximalism and art deco are what speak your style, it’s time to catch hold of this eclectic bathroom design idea that’s totally mind-blowing, eye-catchy, and quirky. Play with multiple tiles of the same hue to bring the utmost style and character to your bathroom.

Summing It Up

Your bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. And with the ongoing trends, you have the opportunity to style your bathroom in an absolutely instagrammable way! So, which eclectic bathroom intrigued you the most?

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