Spotlight: Patterned Tiles In Focus

Do you know one of the easiest ways to add punk and personality to a space, when renovating? Well, yes - patterned tiles. The utmost charm that the patterned tiles bring is absolutely unmatchable. Whether you’re looking to make an accent on the feature wall or the floors of an old-school bathroom, the patterned tiles will always spark creativity and joy. In this article, we will look at some creative ways to style with patterned tiles in various corners of your home.

As Kitchen Backsplash Tile

1- kitchen backsplash tiles

You can choose to style a bold or subtle pattern on the kitchen backsplash depending on the overall paint palette and cabinets. However, when choosing the patterned tiles for the backsplash, ensure to keep the other accents low-key and subtle for the patterned tiles to exhibit a better sense of ‘visual interest’.

On Island Table

2- patterned tiles kitchen

If styling patterned tiles on the backsplash is too daring and loud for you - why not just splash the pattern on the island table itself? This kitchen displays a beautiful array of soothing whites and natural oak in amalgamation with an island wall flaunting the accent tiles. Truly flawless, isn’t it?

Patio Outdoor Floors

3- outdoor tiles

Not every tile is suitable for the outdoors - but in some cases, you can choose to style the patio and balcony floors in patterned tiles to bring the utmost magic outdoors. All you need is the assurance that the outdoor tiles can withstand extreme weather conditions while offering the utmost durability and longevity. 

In the Shower Area

4- shower tile designs

Patterned tiles can be loud and hence, must be avoided on every surface of space - as a general rule of thumb. In the bathrooms, you can choose to style the patterned tiles ‘only’ in the shower area to add a touch of focus and distinctiveness. 

Bathroom Floors

5- bathroom patterned tiles

This is another way to style the patterned tiles in your bathroom. When choosing to add patterned tiles on the bathroom floors, ensure to keep your walls in a subtle tile pattern and color to accentuate the floors themselves. It’s advisable to even style your door and vanity in a calming pattern and color to bring the utmost sense of character through the floors.

As an Accent on the Feature Walls

6- patterned tiles

If you’re looking to style that one feature wall tile - ensure to further activate the creative mind! Since this tile is too loud, you can use it as an accent in creating a pattern in fusion with simple gray/off-white tiles. Too many of these bold tiles are a big no-no!

Wall Behind the Bathroom Sink

7- bathroom wall tiles

Especially for larger bathrooms and irregular sizes, you can choose to play creative and style with patterned tiles on both the floor as well as the wall behind the sink. This tile combination works beautifully for eclectic, art deco, and bohemian interior design styles. The large floral imprints further complement the base green hue that is used for other walls and decorative accessories. 

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