porcelain patterned tiles

Just like a pop of paint or wallpaper can bring that magic and eye-catchy statement into the rooms - so can patterned tiles! They’re truly much easy maintenance and a durable option to achieve that out-of-the-box look. Whether you plan to style them on floors, walls, shower areas, fireplace walls, or kitchen backsplash - the tiles will never go out of style and trend. So, let’s have a look at how tiles can enhance your space and make it look more astounding, refined, and cohesive!

Tiles can Infuse Color

Mid century modern Italian patterned floor porcelain tile

Tiles have the potential to infuse color into your room - thus, further enhancing the color palette. So, if you have neutral walls, it’s generally best to add a flair of style and statement with the help of tiles. Our latest Joyful Hydraulic Patterned Italian Porcelain Tile Collection showcases a beautiful array of colored and patterned tiles that can magically transform your space into a blissful haven. 

These tiles can grab attention and add that most “wanted” focus to your space. Whether it’s the shower area, living room focal wall, or the kitchen backsplash - the tiles are a great way to add color and drama. If you are bold enough, patterned porcelain tiles can be used a pool tiles.

Tiles can Create Illusion

Modern patterned tile featured on a bathroom wall behind a standing bathtub

Tiles can beautifully create an illusion of making your space appear larger or smaller. Yes, just like paint - it has the magic to create wonders! Just look at the bathroom wall tile picture above, which also can be used as a shower wall tile.  So, if you’re struggling with smaller square footage - you can use lighter-hued tiles to create a sense of airiness and openness. On the other hand, in larger rooms - tiles can help pull the walls closer to create a warm and cozy experience. Consider our latest Joyful Collection tiles for the same!

Meanwhile, our latest Miami Patterns Tile Collection can foster an airy aura in your home! Furthermore, using cooler tones like blue and gray will further enhance the vibe.

Tiles can Add Character

Feature Wall using a mid century modern patterned porcelain tile by Mineral Tiles

So, what interior design style do you typically have? Is it Mid-Century Modern or Contemporary, Eclectic or Bohemian? Well, these tiles have a major role to add character to your space! For instance - in a crisp and clean, modern and contemporary space - you might want to add clean tiles with minimal patterns and motifs. On the other hand, if you want a bright and cheerful vibe - the Joyful Collection is what you must have an eye on!

Secondly, for a vintage backdrop - it’s ideal to pick patterns and motifs that speak of the era and history. And that’s why you must watch out for the European Heritage Collection that can embark a sense of thought and meaning to your space.


Generally, paint on the walls requires you to refresh your home every now and then! They can lead to flaking and peeling due to moisture or other exterior features. However, on the other hand, the tiles will offer you the utmost longevity and easy maintenance advantages - with the equivalent aesthetics and beauty. 

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