5 Top Bathroom Design Trends

Bathrooms nowadays, have increasingly gained the limelight for being personal spaces for relaxation, after a long hard working day! Gone are the days when bathrooms were some mere functional spaces serving their 'only' original purpose. Instead, now they are a strong symbol of design with incorporated latest trends! 

From vanities to dispensers, lighting, bathtubs, fixtures and many other amenities, bathrooms are also a major limelight of homes. This year brings us an inch closer to wellness and hygiene. And where better could we start than rethinking our own bathrooms! Let's read ahead to see what the latest trends have to offer!

Floating Vanities

Clean and crisp lines in the bathroom are becoming a major limelight! The vanities are no longer touching the grounds – instead, are becoming more minimal and space-saving! This wall-mounted cabinetry is gleaming with minimal decoration while offering a more contemporary and modern look with contrasting and crisp pull handles that create a stark accent in the bathroom space!

Accent Lighting

Whether you are in favor of fancy wall sconces, majestic floor lamps, or oversized chandeliers – lighting solutions will always be an ever-growing trend in bathrooms. Depending on the type of mood and ambiance you aim to create, there are a variety of light fixtures and temperatures to choose from! However, it is definitely a given that lighting in bathrooms is more than a trend – basically, a necessity!

Metal Finishes

Finishes are the new accents! A little metal tint on the fixtures, lighting, pull handles, and mirror frames would lead a much longer path. Brushed nickel has been into use but lately, rose-golds, golds, and matte black are acquiring a lot of attention. In a pure white, off-white, or monochromatic bathroom, these metal-tints are what that are shining bright!

Marvelous Marble Tiles

A forever growing trend, marble tile is being reluctantly used in the bathrooms to add a perfect touch of luxe and elegance. It's clean, crisp, and natural appearance is bound to create a drama in your bathroom that you would absolutely adore. You can simply use this marble on the walls up to the ceiling and entire floors to create a perfect seamless look!

To top it all, use gold-tinted accent lighting and fixtures to add a stylish statement!

Hexagon Backsplash Tile

Backsplash tiles play a major bathroom trend. They have the potential to make or break the feel of your space. From bright and funky backsplash tiles to something hexagonal, chevron, and rectangular - this is another great way to achieve a 'wow' factor in your bathroom space.

So, are you ready to give a marvelous makeover to your bathroom? Well, these timeless trends are definitely WORTHY of admiration. Don't forget to our bathroom design ideas!

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