Minimalistic Picket Tile 2x10 Blue Matte featured on a bathroom wall

Whether you reside in a tiny city apartment studio or somewhere amongst the sprawling suburb mansion, celebrating luxury must not stop at the door of your bathroom. You may not have to go over the top when you can simply add a few luxury touches to make your bathroom look clean, sleek, majestic, and sophisticated. From colors to materials and fixtures to finishes - here are our top picks of 8 luxurious bathroom designs to instantly make you go “wow”!

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The Moody Retreat

bathroom tile ideas

The whimsical combination of black glossy tiles with white-veined black marble tiles is a match made in heaven. This luxurious bathroom design is ideal for larger bathrooms or awkwardly sized spaces to make them feel cohesive. Isn’t the elevated feel of this black bathroom tile design totally flabbergasting?

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Grandeur In Green

bathroom wall tiles

The energetic and dramatic green tiles enliven the bathroom design and perfectly juxtapose the hexagon floor tiles for an enchanting look. This eclectic luxurious bathroom features the rich introduction of satin brass to top the look. Why not try this emerald green color palette maybe?

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Scandinavian Haven

bathroom tile floor

The terrazzo bathroom wall and floor tiles blend with the white porcelain tiles to achieve a clean, crisp, and Scandi-like tranquilizing experience. Introducing natural dark hardwood tones and touches of matte black will further elevate this luxurious bathroom design and offer coziness and soothe. 

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Play Of Pattern

bathroom floor tile ideas

A bold pattern on the bathroom floor tiles can create a stunning, one-of-a-kind, and distinctive look. These bathroom floor tiles draw all the attention and further uplift the vintage and artistic feel of the space. Choose from a wide array of our patterned tiles to bring a sense of unique personality to your bathroom. 

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Mountain Cozy Cottage

tiles for bathroom

This mountain cozy luxurious bathroom design features a subtle and earthy color palette to make the interiors feel connected with the outdoors. The introduction of warm wooden textures, natural white-veined black marble stone, and neutral tiles exhibit a calming look without overwhelming the space. 

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Chic and Classy

bathroom floor tile ideas

Cladding the bathroom wall tiles floor-to-ceiling is an elegant way to introduce luxe and splendor in your bathroom. Pairing the monochromatic teal-hued tiles with dazzling brass tones and soft white/gray marble countertops, this luxurious bathroom design is the ultimate symbol of sophistication and sumptuousness. 

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Transitional Charm

hexagon tile bathroom

The duo of hexagon tile in your bathroom with plastered wainscotting is absolutely made in heaven. The fusion of oil-rubbed bronze fixtures with a clean white slab will create the most luxe and dramatic atmosphere in this modern bathroom design. Yes, pay attention to the details and you’ll love your bathroom space.

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Mid-Century Modern Sanctuary

subway tile bathroom

This classic and timeless bathroom design showcases a beautiful blend of eclectic bathroom wall tile colors and patterns, the introduction of satin brass, and lush green elements. From blue subway tiles to vintage wall tiles, this mid-century modern bathroom is a hallmark for transitional beauty and eye-capturing statement and dimension.

Are you excited to take your bathroom to the next level? All set to spruce up your spaces? 

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