4 Warm Tile Design Ideas For A Cozy Appeal

Whether you reside in a colder, northern state or simply have an affection for warmer colors - giving your home a cozy and delightful update must definitely be on your list. It’s quite unusual for the bathrooms and kitchens to have a warm and earthy color palette but why not? You can let the “snug” factor dive in and feel absolutely blissful in those harsh winter days. Let’s talk warmer hues such as burnt orange, rust red, pale yellow, and shades of taupe or beige. Excited to catch hold of some tile designs? Well, let’s have a look!

Crimson Subway Tile

1- wall subway tile

The red color on the tiles can be quite overwhelming, especially if not used within limits. Hence, it’s important to create an ‘accent’ with our latest Crimson subway tiles only in the shower area, kitchen backsplash, or the feature wall of your living room and foyer. This tile features a glossy finish and an earthy look to contemplate a timeless and inviting atmosphere.

This high-quality ceramic wall tile appears rustic and yet has a smooth look to make it easy to clean and easy to maintain for homeowners. You can choose to pair this tile with warmer off-white wall treatments, shades of gray, and beige for a versatile appeal.

Taupe Glossy Wall Tile

2- wall tile designs

Not too loud and overwhelming, the taupe-toned glossy picket wall tile is all you need for your modern and contemporary monochromatic homes. The chic surface invites a ‘classy’ appeal that can last for years and years to come, without looking outdated. Meanwhile, the warmth of these tiles can be quite comfortable and inviting in the colder months. 

The Toffee Ceramic Picket wall tiles can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, and even laundry rooms. Pair with a clean white hue on the ceiling, white cabinets, and matte black metallic accents for the best results.

Patterned Porcelain Wall Tile

3- kitchen backsplash tiles

Create a joyful and eclectic space with the help of patterned tiles that can make a beautiful statement on the kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower area, as well as the feature walls of the foyer, living, and dining room. Showcasing the beautiful warm hues of earthy orange and mustard yellow - these Patterned Porcelain wall tiles are all set to bring the autumn vibe indoors.

You can choose to blend the tiles with wooden textures such as white oak and pine, ample warm gray and creamy off-white, and metallic black fixtures.

Floral Jasmine Petal Tile

4- bathroom tile designs

For the ultimate warm autumn vibe, these floral tiles are one of the best ways to shine bright in the colder, harsh winter months. These high-quality tiles can be used for wall and floor applications in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and other areas of your home. Resistant to fading, discoloration, and staining - these Floral Jasmine Petal tiles can last for years and years while proving to be absolutely stunning and timeless.

However, ensure to use these tiles only as an ‘accent’ and not overdo them on every horizontal or vertical surface of your space. 

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