Distressed Patterned Porcelain Tile Blue and Washed White featured on a Beach Theme Backsplash

With the coming summers knocking on the doors, why not decorate your kitchen, bathroom, foyer, and laundry room with coastal-inspired tiles? Whether or not you reside by the seaside, the calming coastal blues will always tranquilize you, soothe you, and make your summertime feel rejuvenating, fresh, and relaxed. From aqua blues to mint greens, these blue-green-inspired coastal tiles are a great way to introduce the ‘nautical’ vibe indoors. Let’s get inspired by these 10 coastal tiles to create your perfect beach-theme wall.

Aqua Blue Ceramic Tile

porcelain tile flooring

Carefree, cool, and classic: these rectangular coastal ceramic tiles are a phenomenal way to bring the simplistic coastal vibe indoors. These bright subway tiles can be used on the kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower area, as well as accent wall cladding.

Coastal Blue Sea Glass Tile

glass subway tile

These sea glass tiles make a beautiful coastal statement on the kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, as well as laundry room walls. They’re generally easy to clean, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

Blue Brick Porcelain Tile

kitchen tile backsplash

The timeless, industrial, and rustic look of this brick in a modern color such as coastal blue is definitely something that would turn the heads of your guests. The textured surface of these brick porcelain tiles further adds a sense of dimension to the walls or the floors.

Blue-Green Floral Porcelain Tile

coastal bathroom tiles

If you prefer the feminine floral motifs in your coastal home - this blue-green accent tile has the potential to make a wonderful statement on the kitchen backsplash as well as the bathroom walls. However, remember to ONLY style with these coastal-inspired floral tiles as an accent! 

Patterned Coastal Tile

porcelain floor tile

To bring the ultimate beach house style, introduce the patterned coastal tiles that feature a dominant blue and sandy hue. Not only will these coastal floor tiles make your space feel visually interesting but also add ample dimension and depth.

Shades of Blue Glossy Tile

shower wall tile

Why just restrict to blue or green hue for the coastal wall tiles when you can blend and play with them all? The set of coastal blue tiles in various shades creates a sense of contrast and further adds a sense of movement to your bathroom shower area or accent wall.

Blue Herringbone Ceramic Tile

bathroom shower tile

Major coastal colors are blue, green, sand, beige, off-white, and white. To make your walls look unique and distinctive, add a dual-toned tile surface to the accent walls of your bathroom or foyer - in a notable herringbone or chevron pattern.

Blue Star Patterned Tile

kitchen backsplash tile ideas

This blue and white patterned tile can beautifully make a statement on the kitchen backsplash without making the space feel overwhelming. Especially if you like the idea of a fun-loving and quirky vibe - this coastal-inspired tile is a win-win solution.

Blue-Green Round Elongated Tile

bathroom wall tiles

Every coastal backdrop deserves a calming color scheme with ample lush greenery to play around with. Add natural textures such as pine wood tones, natural materials like rattan and wicker, and ceramics for the best results.

Hexagon Sand-Blue Tile

bathroom tile floor

The specks of coastal blues and beachy sandy hues on this tile reminisce the calming waters of the ocean. The intriguing hexagonal shaped tiles can further add a sense of dimension to your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls.

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