Green Bathroom Tiles: Ideas & Inspiration

The calm and serene, tranquil and subtle - green tiles in your bathroom are a great way to embrace a ‘Zen-like’ or ‘spa-like’ vibe. After a long hard working day at the office - every homeowner craves to return to a personal space that makes them feel less stressed and more at peace. After all, the color green is also associated with healing qualities that can be beautifully felt! 

Especially in a bathroom, tiles make up the major panorama. So, if you’re looking to invite a touch of biophilia to create an ultimate spa-like feel - introduce the green tiles that can be an absolute win-win situation. A green-tiled bathroom can be both serene as well as classy at the same time. Don’t believe it? Well, have a look at these 6 inspirations of green bathroom tiles that can create an unmatched experience for you!

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Sage Green Penny Tiles

bathroom wall tiles

Clad your bathroom’s accent wall in these beautiful sage green penny tiles that prove to be quite calming and serene. Your accent wall could be the shower area or the wall behind the sink! With these bathroom tiles, you can also risk and clad them on every wall of your space. 

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Olive Green Subway Tiles

bathroom porcelain tiles

If you’re looking to amalgamate the feel of serenity and luxe in your bathroom space - try these olive-green subway tiles! You can choose to lay them horizontally or vertically - depending on the illusion you want to create. Moreover, adding wooden textures and satin chrome would be a great way to complete the palette.

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Mint Green Patterned Tiles

walk in shower tile ideas

These quirky and playful green bathroom tiles will add an instant touch of energy and a ‘Zen-like’ feel to your space. You can truly play with the mint green pattern and make your bathroom stand out in the most unique way. However, remember to not overdo it! 

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Floral Green Eucalyptus Tiles

tile shower floor

If you have a taste for floral patterns, this green-tiled bathroom is definitely something to have a look at. You can choose to mix and merge the various floral tiles with monochromatic green tiles for a flabbergasting look. Further, add wooden textures of white oak or pine on the vanity to achieve a spa-like feel.

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Cement Gray Green Porcelain Tiles

shower tile ideas

Isn’t this bathroom absolutely calm yet stunning? Ignoring the generic green bathroom tiles for this pattern will definitely make it a vintage-like spa feel in your space. These warm cement tiles are matte finish and would make a great statement on the bathroom floors.

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Emerald Green Subway Tiles

shower tile designs

The duo of emerald green bathroom wall tiles and rustic wooden textures is made in heaven! For an ultimately timeless spa-like feel, don’t hold back from these rich, luxe, and serene green tiles for your bathroom. You must further pair it with a matte black finish on the hardware and handles to achieve an awe-inspiring look. 

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So, which green-tiled bathroom intrigued you the most? Well, a green bathroom is timeless and will never fade away! If you particularly admire one of these green tiles - do get in touch with us so we can help you make your dream bathroom come true! 

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