Styling Penny Tiles in Bathroom: 5 Ideas

The penny tiles are the ultimate symbol of an Art Deco and Eclectic panorama. Amalgamating the modern touch of tiles with classic, these petite round tiles are often made of ceramic, glass, mirror, metal, natural stone, or porcelain and can either be used on the floors or as a wall backsplash. This luxe and sophisticated style of penny tile patterns also has the potential to make your space appear larger since they create a sense of illusion. At Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide array of penny tiles to style your bathroom and make it feel unique and one-of-a-kind. Here are our top 5 picks! 

Stainless Steel Penny Round Tile

Stainless Steel Penny Round Tiles

Looking for a chic dramatic and moody look in your bathroom? Well, styling these stainless steel penny round tiles will do the work for you. They pair beautifully with matte black sanitary fixtures and can undeniably make a beautiful statement on the bathroom backsplash. Styling these floor penny-round tiles can never go wrong in the industrial, modern, contemporary, and glam interior design styles.

Calacatta Stone Daisy Mosaic Tile

Calacatta Stone Daisy Penny Round Tiles in bathroom

Looking for a traditional or eclectic take on the penny tile ideas? Well, this flower daisy calacatta mosaic tile could be the one for you. It pairs beautifully with the stainless steel or matte black metallic finishes and the burst of luxurious textures like marble. These tiles are an enhanced and upgraded version of patterned penny tiles with a dominant shape of the flower taking over. Hence, if you intend to add a sense of focus, femininity, and drama - look no further!

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Boutique Penny Round Tile

Boutique Penny Round Tiles for bathroom

Classic, stylish, and authentic - our Boutique Tile Collection offers penny-round flooring porcelain tiles in various hues to complement every bathroom setting. Let these penny tile walls define the ultimate color palette of your bathroom without overwhelming it! They could either be made of porcelain or ceramic and are frost-proof and impervious to discoloration, fading, and staining. Pair these multiple penny tile colors with stainless steel fixtures for the best results. 

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Mirror Mosaic Penny Round Tiles

Mirror Mosaic Penny Round Tile Bathroom

Highly suitable for the walls of your bathroom, these mirror-finish penny tiles are easy to clean, easy to maintain, and quite long living. The penny tiles pattern in glossy mirror finish can beautifully create an illusion of a larger space - hence, quite ideal for smaller bathrooms. This is definitely a timeless choice for darker faucets and fixtures and a mirror that mimics the shape of the tiles. Ensure to add accent touches of satin brass for a luxe appeal. Isn't this penny tile bathroom floor idea absolutely stunning?

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Black White Penny Round Mosaic Tiles

Black White Penny Round Mosaic Tiles

Why not break monotony and rather incorporate a blend of two hues, when styling penny tile bathrooms? Creating a pattern with black and white will undeniably add drama, dynamism, and movement to the bathroom walls. This black and white penny tile pattern works timelessly with stainless steel or darker metallic sanitary fixtures. This is a great way to create a penny tile pattern, isn't it?

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Styling penny tile bathrooms can be quite interesting if you always focus on the bigger picture. Think metallic finishes to pair with, a couple of fresh flowers, the shape of your mirror, and the finish of the faucets when you choose the best penny tiles to suit your bathroom. Apart from penny tile bathrooms, even penny tile entryway, penny tile shower walls, and penny tile backsplash can look phenomenal. I would love to know your absolute favorite of the list in the comments below! 

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