Black Tiles: The Symbol of Luxury in Home Decor

Modern homeowners and designers have been using the color black to ultimately define luxe and sophistication in any space. Whether it’s in the form of a bold black painted wall, wallpaper, natural stone, or tiles - the hue black is truly gorgeous and versatile for any and every design style. The sheer brilliance of the ‘black’ in home decor is brought by unlimited timelessness, contrasts, and royalty. 

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any common space - the black tiles can be introduced in a number of ways. We, at Mineral Tiles, offer black tiles in various shapes, sizes, finishes, textures, and patterns. Let’s get started and eye these 5 beautiful black tile ideas for your home.

Create a Moody Appeal with Black Subway Wall Tiles

Black Wall Subway Tiles

These glossy black subway tiles can be used to clad the floor-to-ceiling surface of your bathroom, foyer entryway, or even the accent wall of your living room. The sleek appearance and rich luster of the tiles reflect light that can further add a touch of luxe. They pair beautifully with tones of satin brass, pine or oak wooden textures, and lush green elements.

Create Visual Interest with Zig-Zag Pattern

Create a pattern with zigzag tiles

A combination of charcoal gray painted walls, black porcelain tiles, and zig-zag tile accent wainscoting is total bliss. If you like the feel of ‘drama’ and ‘moody’ but also looking to keep your space classy and quirky - the zig-zag patterned tile will make it a long way. You can choose to experiment with this palette in medium to larger-sized bathrooms and stainless steel fixtures and finishes.

Make a Statement with Black Hexagon Tiles

Black Hexagon Tiles

An even more durable and long-lasting wall treatment solution to the accent wall is the cladding of tiles. Oh yes, the wallpaper may feel outdated and the paint may peel off but the tiles will definitely protect your walls and make a dominant statement. When experimenting with the various tile types, one of the most popular and trending shapes is the black hexagon tiles with a subtle matte finish.

Juxtapose the Black Distressed Tiles with Marble

Black Distressed Tiles

An all-black bathroom is never a bad idea! However, too much black can be confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming. So, you must always remember to play smart and mix and merge the various materials, finishes, and textures. The duo of black matte-finish marble and black glossy distressed tiles is made in heaven! Don’t believe it? Why not try?

Style with Black and White Patterned Tiles

Black and White Patterned Tiles

Black and white patterned tiles in your kitchen or bathroom can be a great alternative to an all-black backdrop. The patterned vintage tiles can create a stunning visual interest and make your space feel much more intriguing. Pair with black cabinets or a vanity in your kitchen or bathroom for the best results. Moreover, complementary touches of satin brass wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Make a Splash with Black Pool Tiles

Black Glass Pool Tiles

Although is more common to find black tiles decorating the interior of a home, there is a trend of using black tiles in a swimming pool. Besides the aesthetics, black pool tiles tend to retain more heat, keeping the water at higher temperature levels compared to light colors such as sky blue, sand, and greens. Rather than using a plain black tile in a swimming pool, iridescent black glass tiles are often used in pools and spas, to create a focal point, specially during sunny days.

Summing Up

Wouldn’t styling with black be so much fun? Well, you don’t have to overwhelm your space but rather let the black tiles play the cherry on the top! Choose contrasts of white and gray for a seamless experience and don’t hold back from adding touches of satin brass or gold for the best results. Let me know in the comments below how you’d like to style your space with black tiles! 

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