6 Characteristics For Choosing Tiles For Outdoor Patios

Whether you reside in a sunny neighborhood of Arizona or a cold and wet region of Seattle - choosing tiles for outdoor patios may be quite challenging. Some tiles are suitable for warm and humid environments whereas you might have limitations when it comes to choosing tiles for frosty thaw temperatures. Meanwhile, you also need to consider the aspects of the budget, aesthetics, style, light exposure, slip and weather resistance, and durability. Well, that’s why - it’s important to keep an eye on these 6 characteristics that you “must” consider when choosing tiles for your outdoor patios. 


Durability and strength should be the number one aspect to consider when choosing the tiles for your outdoor patios. After all, this space is directly exposed to sun, temperature, and weather conditions. Secondly, it also depends upon the residents of the home! Do you have active children running and playing around or an old couple using the patio? Well, this characteristic must be definitely addressed. 

Weather Conditions

If you live in colder regions that experience frequent freezing and thawing, it’s ideal to choose an outdoor patio tile that can withstand the extreme temperatures. For instance, porcelain tiles work remarkably in colder regions since they’re water resistant and will never absorb moisture. On the other hand, sandstone tiles are comparatively porous and are ideal for warm and dry regions.


The aesthetics of your outdoor patio tiles must complement your existing landscape as well as the exteriors of your home. The color, material, and texture of the tiles should blend with the panorama and not stand out!


Analyze the overall budget of remodeling your patio and the amount you must assign for the tiles specifically. Generally, you can find a range as low as $1 to as expensive as $50 per square foot. You can find a wide array of prices on our website to choose from! 

Light Exposure

This is another important aspect to consider when choosing tiles for the outdoor patio. Generally, for bright and sunny places, you must choose darker and bolder colors for the tiles as opposed to lighter hues for gloomy and shady spaces. Meanwhile, for very hot and humid regions, avoid too dark colors as well since that can abnormally heat the surface and make it uncomfortable for you!

Slip Resistance

Your outdoor tiles must have a prominent texture or a matte finish to avoid a slippery environment. Generally, moisture can sit on the surface and make it slippery to walk on - hence, you must choose tiles that have a good grip and sufficient grout lines to make a comfortable panorama. At Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide array of non-slip tiles - so, you can simply reach out to our team of professionals so we can help pick the best option for you. 

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