Maximalist Tile Design Trend: More is More

The ideology of ‘Maximalism’ has been gaining a ton of attention in the interior design industry. A maximalist space is adorned with more colors, more patterns, more textures, more materials, and definitely more boldness and drama. Opposing the idea of the ‘minimalist’ style, which is based on the concept of ‘less is more’ - maximalism design embraces the ‘more is more’ vibe. Hence, it’s time to say no to subtleness, minimal decor, and the old and boring white walls.

Many homeowners and designers incorporate wallpapers to achieve a maximalist touch but one creative method that definitely doesn’t fail to impress is the use of wall and floor tiles. At Mineral Tiles, we offer an exquisite collection of tile designs that can make a beautiful maximalist statement. Let’s catch an eye! 

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The Glam Maximalist Wall Tiles

blue subway tile

This eye-catching, maximalist bathroom design flaunts the idea of ‘more is more’. The blue subway tiles (gloss finish) in juxtaposition with patterned tiles (matte finish) tend to make the bathroom feel energetic, full of glamor, and ultimately maximalist. Remember to say hello to ornateness and mix and match the metallic finishes to achieve the best of both worlds. 

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Create Patterns with Floor Tiles

porcelain floor tiles

Sometimes, let your maximalist space speak out loud with the help of floor tiles. The intriguing pattern created on the floor can add a wholesome vibe to the space and make that living/dining room feel like a perfect piece of art. Pair with wall moldings and a bold color on the walls for a glamorous touch.

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Mix and Merge Tiles

bathroom wall tile

This maximalist bathroom flaunts the use of two tiles - subway-style on the wall and hexagon tiles on the floor to express each side of energy and personality. The indulgence of satin brass fixtures and some fabulous decor pieces further make your maximalist bathroom feel personalized and well-curated. Remember to avoid too much white and incorporate bolder hues in your maximalist space!

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Dazzling Maximalist Tiles

backsplash tile ideas

If you’ve always been confused between the two interior design styles - maximalism is what you should head for! And the same goes for tiles! If you’re confused about the two similar-hued tiles (whether patterned or solid) - why not choose both? This maximalist space adds the utmost visual interest with the help of patterned floor tiles and glamorous subway wall tiles. You can learn more about patterned tiles here.

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Black Maximalist Bathroom

porcelain wall tiles

Say hello to maximalism with the help of chic black wall tiles, satin brass accents, wooden textures, lush green elements, and some magazine covers. This maximalist bathroom infuses the hues of ‘black’ to overwhelm the bathroom with the perfect amount of luxe, energy, and exuberance. Did you observe a slightly different approach to maximalism in this bathroom, here?

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Feeling inspired to make your spaces even more maximalist? Well, apart from these - we offer a ton of other tile designs that speak boldly (either with dominating hues, patterns, or textures). So, which maximalist tile design trend inspired you the most? Well, we’d love to see your maximalist spaces and further share them with the world.

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