Living Room Tile Flooring Ideas: Design & Shape

Apart from the bathroom and kitchen, there are other possible spaces in your home to style those magical and majestic tiles. Laundry room - yes! Hallways - yes! But one such space is your living room which is often overlooked when considering laying tiles on the floor. Well, if you’re looking to create an easy-to-maintain and phenomenal look with the help of tiles in your living room - this article will further help you! Let’s discuss the three major aspects of living room tiles - design, shape, and material and what best compliments you!

Living Room Floor Tile Designs

living room tile designs

From timelessly classic to quirky and bold - the interior design style of your living room has a major call here. A pro tip - also consider the soft furnishings, the furniture, and decorative accents of your living room.

  • Modern Monochromes

It’s quite likely for you to choose a minimalist or modern monochromatic palette for your living room. Shades of off-white, beige, gray, taupe or cream can take over the paint on the walls, furniture, soft furnishings, and flooring to achieve the utmost timeless look. Generally, monochromes also help achieve a light and airy feel in a space.

  • Play of Marble or Luxe Natural Stone

marble-look porcelain tile featured on a living room floor

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your living room? Well, one of the best characteristics of a tile is the perfect way it mimics the real-time natural stone. We offer some marble-looking tiles that can help achieve the look without having to worry about bringing the cost and maintenance incurred by the stone. Some other natural stone mimics can be granite, travertine, and onyx.

  • Warm and Earthy

Especially if you prefer a warm-toned color palette in your home, the earthy floor tiles are definitely something to catch hold of. The soft and warm-hued tiles will create a moody ambiance and make your living room relive the cozy vibes.

  • Geometric Intricacies
living room tile options

Looking to create an experiential effect in your living room? Well, not every design style may complement the vintage and geometric tiles but if it does - there’s no better way to add a quirky statement. From the iconic Moroccan-style tiles to geometric patterns - you can readily play with various patterns to add a visual statement to the floors.

Living Room Floor Tile Shape

1- living room flooring

The tile shape can instantly spark a sense of distinctiveness and playfulness in your living room. We, at Mineral Tiles, offer three major tile-shape designs!

  • Square

Classic and contemporary - the square tiles are one of the most popular options. They can work for most interior design styles and you can even play with multiple tones to add a dynamic factor.

  • Rectangular
living room tile design ideas

Whether you’re looking to mimic the real-time hardwood or natural stone look, the rectangular tiles can achieve the desired appeal. These wide plank tiles are easy to clean and maintain and can exhibit a perfectly modern and contemporary appeal.

  • Hexagon

Generally, for larger spaces such as the living room, it’s ideal that you choose larger-format tiles. So, if square and rectangular tiles are too old-school for you - ‘hexagon’ is another living room tile shape to consider. You can choose a honeycomb mosaic effect to create an eye-catching and stunning statement in the living room. Avoid penny or small tile patterns in much larger spaces!

When you’re ready to find the right panorama for your living room, dive into our huge floor tile collection. We’ve curated this diverse range of tile flooring options to bring you materials, shapes, colors, and designs – leaving you with tiled living room floor ideas and ample inspiration for your next home remodel.

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