4 Rules to Follow When Choosing Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

A bedroom is your personal space that contributes to relaxation, quality of sleep, rest, and intimacy. When choosing the best bedroom paint colors, there are a few important factors to consider. Apart from your ultimate design style, considerations such as temperature, square footage, and ambiance have a major call. Generally, warm colors are known to create a stimulating effect whereas cool colors have a calming effect. Well, in this article, we’re going to discuss the 4 important rules to follow when choosing paint colors for your bedroom.

Opt for Neutrals


Say goodbye to brighter and bolder tones whereas say hello to the calm and soothing neutral paint colors. Your neutrals can be warm or cool in saturation - but must have a ‘gray’ undertone to tone down the color. Colors such as blue grays, green grays, beige, greige, gray, and darker off-whites can play a fundamental role. A beautiful example of a warm and cool-toned neutral is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, and Sherwin Williams Passive.

Keep it Timeless


You may simply adore a paint color for your bedroom but is it truly timeless and will not fade away, even years down the line? It’s ideal to keep your bedroom paint color simple, classic, and timeless, specially is paired with neutral floor tiles. Yes, a paint color that doesn’t intimidate you and make you and your space feel monotonous in the coming years. Avoid choosing a design idea that is “trendy”! One ideal example is Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Avoid Feeling Boxed In


You don’t need to paint all the walls in a single paint color and feel ‘boxed in’! Styling an accent wall is a great way to infuse color and make the bedroom feel eye-catching and phenomenal. Choosing a darker neutral paint color such as Sherwin Williams Naval or Sherwin Williams Retreat on the accent wall can equally do wonders!

Kick Out Reds for Blues and Greens


Red is the color of romance and yellow is the color of friendship - but in a bedroom space, these color families definitely don’t make the cut. Such bright and intimidating warm colors are subjected to keeping you away from being calm while injecting the utmost energy. Hence, not something to feel restful around - after a long day at work. On the other hand, blue and green color families are associated with nature and can help relax and soothe you.

FAQs - Choosing Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

  • How do I Choose a Paint Color for my Bedroom?

You must analyze your interior design style and personality and choose a color scheme for your bedroom that solely speaks to you! Keeping it safe and simple with the help of classic and timeless colors like off-whites, beiges, and grays can help make your bedroom feel refreshed for years and years. 

  • Which Wall Color is Best for a Bedroom?

Choosing neutrals that may be light to medium-toned can work best for a bedroom. Avoid painting all your bedroom walls in a darker color since it can intimidate you and not make you feel stress-free, after a long day at work. 

  • Should Bedroom Paint be Lighter or Darker?

If you’re receiving ample natural light in your bedroom with sufficient square footage, experimenting with medium or darker-toned colors wouldn’t be a bad idea. On the other hand, choose a lighter wall color if your bedroom receives limited natural light! 

  • What Color shouldn’t be used in a Bedroom?

Brighter and bolder colors such as bright red, orange/rust, pink, and yellow must be avoided. If you’re drawn towards the boldness of black, navy blue, pine green, and plum - choose the colors wisely - only on an accent wall, maybe. 

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