5 Landscaping Ideas Around Swimming Pool

Welcome to a world of poolside paradise! Whether you're looking to create a relaxing oasis or a vibrant entertainment space, the right landscaping can transform your swimming pool area into a captivating retreat. In this article, we present you with 5 brilliant landscaping ideas that will elevate your poolside experience to new heights. 

From lush greenery and colorful flowers to awe-inspiring water features and inviting lounging areas, our curated list of ideas will inspire you to reimagine your swimming pool area. Dive into the possibilities of incorporating natural elements like rocks and pebbles to create a serene ambiance. With our helpful tips and expert advice, you'll be able to design a poolside paradise that not only mesmerizes your guests but also adds value to your property. So, let the inspiration flow, and your dream poolside retreat become a reality.

Paver Paths

Porcelain Paver

Introduce the stone paths around the pool for easy navigation! Not only does it enhance the overall swimming pool panorama but also lowers the heat absorption during sunny and warm summer days. Amalgamate with grass on the pavements to enjoy the best of both worlds.



Help your swimming pool blend more naturally with nature by introducing shrubs and trees around the periphery. Apart from aesthetics, these plants can further help foster a sense of safety, security, and privacy. However, keep in mind the aspects of maintenance since you don’t want to be flushing out leaves every morning. Hence, say no to deciduous plantations. Some notable plantation examples are hardy hibiscus shrub, aloe vera, and papyrus!



Especially if you have children at home, fencing is definitely a must! Not only does a fancy fencing rail offer utmost safety and security but also privacy from the peeking neighbors walking by. If you’re not particularly intrigued by the design of fencing, you can further add soft bushes and shrubs for a calmer appearance.



For the convenience of entertainment nights and hosting parties, nothing beats the beauty of a gazebo or an outdoor cabana. Whether you’re looking to simply lounge in the shade or enjoy the feel of ‘inside-out’, the cabana by the pool can be your next relaxation retreat. You can choose to decorate the cabana with the help of fairy lights, light curtains, throw pillows, indoor plants, and hanging light fixtures.

Outdoor Furniture


Outdoor furniture can help you relax by the pool and enjoy every nitty-gritty of nature. A daybed, is ideal since it can protect against the harsh sun during the day. However, a few lounge beds are also a bliss for a late evening nap.

FAQs - Landscaping Ideas Around Swimming Pool

  • What’s the best thing to put around your pool?

Beyond the waterline of your pool, ensure to add pavement and grass for a sleek appearance. You can choose to style stone slabs or exposed brick pavements for the pool and landscape to easily blend with one another.

  • How can I make my cheap pool look nice?

Adding a deck, hedge, a couple of shrubs and plants, and outdoor furniture can readily make your cheap pool look nice and streamlined. You can further set the mood with the help of lighting and flowering plantations for a warm and welcoming appeal. 

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