6 Unique Ways To Use Tiles In Your Home

It’s very common to use tiles on the kitchen floors, bathroom floors, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and shower areas. But did you ever think about using the tiles in spaces elsewhere? Well, it’s true that tiles are a must for spaces that are prone to wear and tear but you could even switch on the creative side and use the tiles in the most unique ways.

In this article, we will discuss the 6 unique and unexpected ways to use tiles in your home that will totally share synonyms with flawless and fabulous. Let’s get started!

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Add an Accent Wall

1- porcelain tiles in home

You can create an accent wall with paint and wallpaper commonly, but not as common as the tiles. Mix and merge the accent tiles to add the sense of boldness and drama to that feature wall you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s the accent wall of your living room, foyer, or dining room - playing with tiles will definitely bring a sense of distinctiveness. 

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Let the Island Table Look Bold

2- ceramic tiles kitchen

It’s not necessary to always paint your kitchen island table when you can clad the tiles too! And here’s where you can play with various textures, finishes, patterns, and colors as well. The tiles could be the same as the backsplash tiles or different - depending on your interior design style.

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Try the Wainscotting

3- kitchen tiles

To add an extra touch of visual interest to your space, it’s important to clad ‘only’ the wainscotting in tiles. You can paint the remaining wall or even use peel-and-stick wallpaper for an added sense of creativity and eccentricity. Generally, the wainscotting looks best up to a height of 3 to 4 feet.

Decorate the Kitchen Backsplash

4- kitchen backsplash tiles

Not just aesthetically but even functionally, it’s important to decorate the kitchen wall with a backsplash tile. A backsplash tile is easy to maintain and clean and will always protect the wall against spills and stains. Yes, it’s bound to live a long life. Moreover, a backsplash is a major design element of a kitchen that dominantly captures the attention of the visitor.

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Lay Tiles on the Outdoors

5- outdoor patio tiles

It’s common to use tiles in the interiors (bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen) and also the outdoors. Whether you have a semi-enclosed patio, balcony, outdoor deck, or sitting space - the outdoor tiles make a great option for adding a sense of charm and character. There are dedicated sturdy, durable, and water-resistant materials for outdoor tiles well suited for the purpose.

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Play With Patterns

6- hexagon wall tiles

Whether it’s a large, monotonous wall or an empty, negative corner - playing with the unique shape of tiles is a great way to add some interest and harmony. At Mineral Tiles, we offer tiles in intriguing shapes such as hexagon, arabesque tiles, diamond, rectangular, and penny round that would easily work for various design styles and palettes.

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Playing with tiles can always be fun! You just have to think of a ‘creative’ way that makes the space appear unique and out-of-the-box. So, which particular idea intrigued you the most?

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