Everything You Need To Know About Mirror Tiles

Mirror tiles have increasingly been used in the interior design industry for the sense of luxe and glamor it brings to a space. They are mainly beveled mirror pieces that are cut into various geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, hexagons, and diamonds to bring an intriguing factor. These mirror tiles are not just restricted to the bathroom and kitchen backsplash but can also be used as a statement on the accent wall in your living room, dining room, bedroom, foyer, walk-in, and vanity rooms.

At Mineral Tiles, we are proud to offer a wide array of mirror tiles in various sizes, finishes, colors, and textures. From stainless steel mirror mosaic tiles to antique mirror glass subway tiles - we’ve got you all covered! Here’s a list of pointers to note when using mirror tiles in your home - pros, cons, installation, tips, and tricks. 

Mirror Tiles - Pros and Cons

mirror hexagon tiles


  • Mirror tiles have the potential to make your space appear brighter, airier, and larger. Since these tiles scatter light rays and increase the amount of reflected light, you can expect the space to appear much enhanced.
  • Mirror tiles are quite easy to clean and maintain. The obvious splash, dirt, or stains are visible which can make it easy to wipe off using a dry or wet cloth.
  • These tiles can definitely add a touch of luxury and magnificence to a space - especially in the modern, Shabby Chic, transitional, and glam interior design styles. 
  • Installation of mirror tiles can be quite an easy project that you can simply DIY!


  • Mirror tiles are less resistant to scrapes and sharp edges - hence, can damage if hit by hard items
  • Mirror tiles require extra cleaning to maintain their look since it’s prone to showcase dirt and stains
  • Tiles that aren’t properly installed have a higher chance of falling off or moisture retention

Mirror Tiles Installation Tips and Tricks

mirror tiles in kitchen

  • Generally, a smooth wall surface is required to install the mirror tiles. An irregular surface can lead to the tile falling off or attracting moisture. You must use a smooth ply backing in the case of irregular wall surface
  • Avoid using mirror tiles on walls that are prone to seepage
  • Silicon gel must be used for the installation of the mirror tiles for a flawless and fabulous look

Mirror Tiles: Cleaning and Care

mirror tiles in bathroom

  • You simply need a glass cleaner to keep your mirror tiles sparkling and shining
  • Wipe off the surface using a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth to quickly retain the shine of the mirror surface
  • Don’t allow moisture to stay too long on the mirror tiles since that will make it difficult to clean later
  • You must also regularly ensure to seal the grout lines between the tiles to further enhance the life and beauty of these mirror tiles

So, are you excited to spruce up your home with these intriguing mirror tiles? Well, you must check out our collection of mirror tiles and get in touch with one of our professionals to get further help.

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