Fireplace Tile Ideas: All You Need To Know

The fireplace is a classic, timeless, and elegant addition to any living space for immense warmth, coziness, and sophistication. It could be the ‘center of attraction’ sitting somewhere at the focal point of your living and dining room or simply in the corner. Nonetheless, this statement-making piece must be adorned with the ideal type of tiles for the utmost longevity, strength, and durability. When looking for fireplace tile ideas, you must also ensure to consider the pattern and color of the tiles. Don’t worry! This article on various fireplace tile ideas has got you covered. 

Fireplace Tile Material Ideas

fireplace tile surround

When choosing tiles for the fireplace surround, you must ensure to pick materials that offer a fair share of strength, durability, heat resistance, and tear and wearability. As long as you properly install the fireplace tiles, the following materials must be on the top of your list. 

  • Porcelain

Resistant to stains and scratches, the porcelain tiles are also quite heat-resistant and durable. Since they’re fired at extremely high temperatures, it’s a given that these tiles will efficiently absorb the heat without transferring it to the other surrounding areas. 

  • Ceramic

Quite affordable as compared to porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles are equally sturdy, hard, and heat resistant. However, they may hold a drawback in terms of tear, and wearability and longevity. The ceramic tiles may not be as durable as the porcelain tiles. 

  • Quarry

Quarry is one of the best fireplace tile materials to have an eye on. It’s made by firing natural clay resulting in an extremely durable and strong material. The hazard-proof characteristics of this tile material are extremely suitable for traditional and modern fireplace backdrops. 

Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

fireplace tile ideas

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing fireplace tiles is your interior design style and the design of the tile. Whether you have an eclectic maximalist style or a minimalistic Scandinavian - the fireplace tile design has a major role to play. Here are some popular design options to consider - 

  • Plain

If simplicity is what you embrace, choose a solid-hued tile to clad the complete fireplace surround. It’s a timeless, versatile, and chic way to decorate the fireplace and hearth.

  • Floral

Infuse a sense of creativity and uniqueness with the help of floral imprints to bring nature to life. If you like it ‘vibrant’ - it’s ideal to choose the floral way!

  • Geometric

Especially for vintage and retro styles - the geometric tiles on the fireplace will play a wonderful role. You can swing back to the 60s and embrace the beautiful appearance of the geometric tiles!

  • Checkered

The classic chessboard-style checkerboard is fundamental for traditional or mid-century modern backdrops. The classic option is a black and white tile but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you infuse plum, pine green, or navy blue as well!

Fireplace Tile Color Ideas

Now that we’ve discussed the material and design, another important aspect to have an eye on is the color. The color of the fireplace tiles can play a major role in defining the color palette of the room. Here, at Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide range of hues to easily complement the backdrop of your space. From off-whites to navy blues, sage green, black, cream, and multicolored - you’ll be able to style at your best.

So, if you’re ready to get on board the dream fireplace project - we have the best collection of tiles for you! Explore the various finishes, sizes, styles, colors, and materials, and do get in touch with us regarding any query! We’d love to hear from you.

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