White Subway Tile Backsplash

Designing a kitchen involves various interesting tasks! You can be as creative and wild as you want when mixing and matching colors and materials. So, whether you’re looking for an easy-breezy design or something quirky and eclectic, one aspect that must be given utmost attention is the backsplash and its color scheme. 

Since this element is sandwiched between the countertop and the cabinets, choosing a cohesive color palette wisely is the key. Well, the backsplash tiles play absolute utility and aesthetics in your kitchen - so, let’s discuss these wild and funky ideas to spruce up your spaces.

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Choose Monochromes

What Color Should my Backsplash Be?

Don’t be too matchy-matchy! Rather, opt for a monochromatic kitchen design that uses shades of the same color to create a modern and minimalist seamless design. Try complementing the color of your backsplash tile with that of the marble countertop for a unified experience. 

For instance, you can use beige or off-white toned glossy or distressed backsplash tiles with granite stone that has a deep brown appeal. Likewise, using wooden textures in the form of floating shelves and exposed beams can further refine your overall palette. Generally, matching your backsplash tile colors with your countertop materials creates a cohesive background that can be quite versatile and well-balanced.

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Use Contrasting Colors

What Color Should my Backsplash Be?

If you’re a big fan of contradictory tones and contrasting palettes, one of the best ways to style your kitchen is by using a differently-hued backsplash tile. It will give your kitchen a sense of visual interest and drama that might be absolutely overwhelming and enthusiastic. You must have an eye on this curated mood board that displays the ultimate contrast between the cabinet and backsplash color: Magnolia Distressed Olive Tile.

For instance, with all-white countertops and cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and nickel pull handles, you can use an emerald green glossy or distressed backsplash tile or some likewise bold tone to create a striking depth in your kitchen. The major goal is to create a kitchen space that flows as a harmonious, well-balanced coordinated, and artistic space that steals the eye of your guests!

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Play with Mosaic Tiles

What Color Should my Backsplash Be?

Let’s think outside the box and replace old-school subway backsplash tiles with mosaics that look quite playful when paired with opposite subtle countertops and cabinets. You can easily mix and match the mosaic tiles to create a decorative geometry or pattern that adds a ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen space.

This mood board illustrates the amalgamation of quirky mosaic patterns with subtle cabinets - Vibrant Retro Kitchen Mood Board Design Idea.

For instance, if you have a bold and daring kitchen with grays and blacks as prominent colors, you can very creatively mix and match the tones of silver, light gray, beige, and pearl on your mosaic tiles to add a magnanimous effect. 

Opt for Coordinating Colors

What Color Should my Backsplash Be?

Now, this can be a little tricky! When coordinating colors for kitchen backsplash, ensure to use a specific hued tile that already beholds its color existence either on the flecks and veins of your marble countertop or the floors, cabinets, and pull handles.

For instance, if you have a particular grey fleck accent on the countertop, you can very seamlessly pair it against the cabinets (that might or might not be the same hue)! This way, you’re ensuring a well-balanced and coordinated color palette.

Choosing a backsplash tile color is a very fun and easy task to do as long as you’ve finalized your overall color palette and the interior design scheme. So, now that we have discussed the 4 major color design ideas, are you excited to incorporate any? I would love to know your thoughts on this, comment below!

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