What Are The Best Colors For Your Kitchen?

Color palette plays an integral part in your kitchen. Not only does it enhance the overall look and feel of the space but also exhibits certain emotions that can play with your overall well-being all day long. Apart from this, colors can help your kitchen space appear clean or messy and easy to clean or an absolute nightmare. So without further ado, let’s get started with a list of the best kitchen colors to bring an added touch of spark and personality to your space. 

Green Kitchens - Olive, Sage, Pine, Mint, Gray-Green

1- green kitchen design ideas

Ideal for busy households and city apartments - the green kitchens will definitely prove to be quite tranquilizing, calming, and stress-releasing. You can choose warmer greens such as sage and olive or cooler tones like mint, pine, pistachio, and several shades of gray-green hues. Meanwhile, you can either choose to style the layer of green on the upper and lower cabinets, lower cabinets, and island or ‘just’ as the backsplash tiles. We’d suggest that you pair lighter tones to go with this palette such as the off-whites, beige, cream, and taupe. 

Blue Kitchens - Navy, Turquoise, Teal, Sky, Gray-Blue

2- blue kitchen design ideas

Just like the green in your kitchen, ‘blue’ will significantly bring a sense of freshness and serenity to the space. Moreover, this blue will also add a pop of accent and a touch of modern and contemporary to the kitchen. More timeless and sophisticated shades include royal blue, navy blue, and several medium to darker-toned gray-blue colors. On the other hand, some lighter and funky hues include sky blue, turquoise blue, and teal blue which readily add a touch of eclectic and fun to the space.

Gray Kitchens - Light Gray, Charcoal, Slate, Dove

3- gray kitchen design ideas

A trend that will never fade away - the gray kitchens will always prove to be timeless and versatile. You can choose to pick a lighter hue like a dove for the cabinets or the backsplash tile or even choose to go moody and bold with the help of charcoal and slate. With gray kitchens, you can also experiment with introducing the touches of satin brass, oak or walnut wood, and copper to the overall palette. In this case, you can also experiment with painting the walls in a subtle tone of gray.

White Kitchens - Cream, Cool

4- white kitchen design ideas

White kitchens have been reigning in the interior design industry for years now. Whether you have a Scandinavian style or Modern Farmhouse - the white-painted cabinets or the white kitchen backsplash tiles will always prove to be versatile. However, further diving deeper, you can choose to make your white kitchen appear cool or warm. Generally, a warmer white kitchen will be composed of warm wooden textures and creamy hues on the cabinets, countertop, and backsplash. Whereas, a cool-toned kitchen will have the domination of whites with a deep blue, green, or gray base.

Choosing the right colors for your kitchen can be challenging, but hopefully, this guide helped you pick the best possible palettes for your space.

If you need any further ideas for kitchen backsplash tile colors, check out our extensive kitchen tiles that are widely available in various sizes, finishes, and textures.

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