The Guide To Color Splash Collection: Vivid and Vibrant

The tile colors have the potential to make or break your space. You can achieve the most intriguing and eye-catchy palette with brighter or subtle hues on board. And especially with the majestic, fun-loving, and quirky Color Splash Tile Collection - you need not give a second thought. It’s vibrant, vivid, and extremely delightful.

From blood red to turquoise blue, sage green, mustard yellow, and navy blue - this collection displays a wide array of tile collections. Moreover, they’re versatile and you can use them to style any indoor setting! So, let’s have a look.

Color Splash Milk Subway Tile

Color Splash Ultramarine Subway Wall Tiles

Milky white will always play soothing and subtle. And since it symbolizes purity, you must have this tile to indicate a calmer existence. It’s a given that this tile can produce wonderful results and make your room look larger, airier, and also quite spacious. With a glossy and smooth finish, this high-quality tile is easy to clean and maintain.

Color Splash Navy Subway Tile

Color Splash Navy Subway Wall Tile

Swiftly mimicking the waves of the ocean, this deep navy blue tile tends to grab the attention and make your home feel blissful. Since it's dark and bold - you have to be careful and not overdo the tile. Yes! You can use it on the accent and feature walls, bathrooms, and kitchen backsplash.

Color Splash Passion Fruit Subway Tile

Color Splash Passion Fruit Subway Wall Tiles

Yellow is the new cool. Hence, if you want a vibrant and warm vibe in your space - you might as well have an eye on this beautiful subway tile. It’s better to create an accent with this and pair the remaining with tones like milky white and cool white. This tile also makes a great statement for contemporary and eclectic backdrops.

Color Splash Olive Subway Tile

Color Splash Subway Wall Tiles

The olive and sage green tone on the tile will totally sweep you away. So, if you’re craving a minimalist, soothing, and tranquilizing effect - this color will bring you an inch closer to nature and the woods. It’s high-quality, durable, and has a wavy texture to play dramatic in your kitchen and bathroom.

Color Splash Scarlet Subway Tile

Color Splash Scarlet Subway Wall Tiles

Want an energetic vibe in your home? This scarlet color splash tile will enliven the vibe and bring the energy levels of your home. It’s better to incorporate this tile on the featured walls of your home gyms, kitchen, and bathroom. However, note that this high-quality tile is not a great recommendation for the floors!

Color Splash Turquoise Subway Tile

Splash Turquoise Subway Wall Tiles

Mimicking the clean waters of the Gulf of Mexico, this turquoise subway tile makes a cheerful backdrop in the shower areas, kitchen backsplash, and featured walls. Also, note that this high-quality tile doesn’t suit the floors - so you have to be quite careful here! Furthermore, don’t hold back from pairing this tile with whites, grays, and even blacks.

Summing It Up

It’s a given that you’re quite mesmerized by the whole concept of color splash tiles. They not only infuse color but also imbibe a refreshing and playful vibe. So, did any particular one amaze you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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