Luxurious bathroom featuring brass gold and white marble mosaic tile by Mineral Tiles

Metal has been a popular trend in the interior design industry. From stainless steel to aluminum, brass, and copper - the sophistication and warmth that the metals bring are totally timeless and priceless. Flip through the pages of any latest interior design and architecture magazine to see how metals are playing a fundamental role in homes. And it’s no surprise that these textures can add a dramatic and luxe effect to any space.

Our latest stainless steel tile collection brings to you a wide array of hues, styles, and textures. From modern to contemporary and transitional to glam, let’s have a look at these fabulous 7 designs to incorporate into your home.

Glass Mosaic Linear Copper Tile



A seamless combination of glass, copper, and stainless steel - the featured tile can be used for kitchen and bathroom backsplash, along with the surrounds on the fireplace. With deep shades of chocolate brown and copper, the overall appeal of the tile is simply more than enchanting. Note that the linear, rectangular shape of the tile further fosters a sense of sleekness in the room.

Stainless Steel Subway Tile



The brick or subway pattern will never go out of style. They exhibit a perfect English touch while playing a soothing yet notable backdrop in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. The metallic silver would definitely look flabbergasting in black and white monochromatic setups. Also, if contemporary or modern is what you’re looking for - this tile will play fabulously.

Glass and Stainless Steel Blend Tile



One of the most unique patterns of them all, the blend of glass mosaic tile and stainless steel plays a major role here. Showcasing the beautiful shades of turquoise, teal, gray, and white - the design of this tile is bound to grab the utmost attention. You can best choose it for coastal and Caribbean styles that simply love the shades of blue.

Rose Gold Penny Round Tile



Sparking creativity and magic with the intriguing penny round tile shape and deep metallic hue, the rose gold tile adds utmost luxury and sophistication to a space. The brushed finish tends to exhibit a subtle glam look that can also pair seamlessly with the adjacent appliances. Use it for the kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom shower area, or living room feature wall.

Mini Brick Glass and Stainless Steel Tile Black



This tile is made from a combination of glass and stainless steel. Making a bold and authentic backdrop in the space, the rich texture and detailing is bound to create a wow factor in your home. You could go out of the box by using it as a bathroom tile. Plus, you will never be bored of it! The black hue plays totally magical and timeless. 

Stainless Steel Mirror Mosaic Tile



Aluminum and Glass Mosaic Tile

aluminum mosaic tile

This tile combines two maintenance-free materials: Glass, and Aluminum. It composes a beautiful modern and industrial look capable of transforming a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, or a featured wall. Aluminum mosaic tiles are excellent choice for creating modern and contemporary spaces. 

Brass Gold and Marble Mosaic Tile

Brass Gold and Marble Mosaic Tile

Elegant, sophisticated, and authentic the Inlay Brass Gold Triangles White Tile will elevate the design aesthetic of your project. Made by a combination of premium natural stone and brass tiles, this mosaic tile delivers an original yet classy look. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, in proportions which can be varied to achieve different characteristics.

This is an outstanding tile sample from the collection. It has a glossy, mirror finish to showcase a modern and glam appeal in the home. Whether it’s the kitchen backsplash, living room feature wall, bathroom, or walk-in closet accent - the majestic tile will play focal and enchanting. Also, note that you use it for all vertical aspects!

Summing It Up

Stainless steel tiles are quite strong, durable, and practical. Not only do they exhibit an attractive and striking appeal but also add a sense of visual interest to your room.

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