5 Ways To Lay A Herringbone Tile Pattern

Timeless and simplistic, classic and elegant - the herringbone tile pattern is simply beyond sophistication. Characterized by its V-shaped arrangement of tiles, this pattern has reigned in the interior design industry for decades now. Whether it's the furnishings, tiles, or fabrics - this tile pattern is sensed to evoke a touch of movement, dimension, and texture - wherever used. The clean lines, dynamic angles, and geometric shape allow the contemporary vibe to dive in and make a stylish option for any home.

However, when styling the herringbone tiles, there are a number of ways to lay down these rectangular tiles. Let’s have a look!

Brick Wall Tiles

1- herringbone wall tiles

You can simply lay the rectangular tiles in a brick-style pattern on the walls to create a timeless and classic appeal. You can choose bold tile colors in amalgamation with lighter grout or vice versa - the choice is yours! Else, you can also create a sense of contrast and play with a two-toned wall design like in the inspirational image above. The multiple hues and the dominant brick wall-style herringbone pattern are absolutely eye-catchy and monotony-breaking. 

Brick Floor Tiles

2- herringbone floor tiles

Are you looking to add a rustic or industrial look to your home? Well, you can simply lay the rectangular tiles in a classic herringbone pattern to create a brick floor-like effect. In this case, you can also choose the real-time rectangular bricks to showcase your admiration for the exposed material finishes. In this case, you can add the herringbone effect to your hallway or entryway floors, bedroom floors, living and dining room, bathroom, or even kitchen. 

Parquet Flooring

3- parquet flooring

A traditional type of wood flooring, parquet flooring nowadays is also available in varied materials such as terracotta, porcelain, vinyl planks, and ceramic. Quite durable and easy to clean, you can beautifully lay the wooden rectangular tiles or planks in this style to achieve the traditional look. This contemporary-style living room showcases the golden oak parquet flooring laid in the herringbone style to add the utmost depth and texture to the space.

Multi-Toned Herringbone

4- herringbone backsplash tiles

Another eclectic and quirky way to style the herringbone tiles, you can choose to use multiple hues to lay the rectangular tiles. Use different shades from the same family to achieve a faded look or simply create a contrast and embrace the utmost sanctuary-like look in your kitchen, bathroom, or the feature wall. This way, you can simply draw more attention to the vertical panorama and enhance the color palette with a touch of punk.

Large Format Herringbone

5- herringbone tile design

Whether you have a modern style, mid-century modern, or contemporary - the large format herringbone tiles will play quite seamlessly, sleek, and stylish. Especially for larger rooms, the large format herringbone pattern will further make the space look open and airier and not small or congested. Hence, an ideal way to decorate a large hallway, open-concept living room, or bedroom in the herringbone tiles! 

So, now that you have these herringbone tile patterns discussed - are you excited to particularly use any?

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