8 Drool-Worthy Moroccan Patterns and Tiles

Moroccan-patterned tiles have gained immense momentum in the interior design industry. Known for charming hues, bold patterns, contrasting shades, and spunky appearance - the Moroccan-patterned tiles have the power to transform the appearance and feel of any space. The vivid colors and intricate designs can readily add a sense of accent and visual interest to any room - thus, further imbibing energy and enthusiasm. We have compiled our top picks of 8 drool-worthy Moroccan tiles from our different collections to help you draw inspiration from!

Heritage Tile - Villa Collection

1- moroccan floor tiles

The black and white vintage tile embraces an intricate pattern and a sense of strong visual interest to make the wall or floor come off as an accent. The exuberant florals and curves further add a touch of detail and dimension to the room. With this Moroccan-patterned tile, you can experiment with adding bold hues elsewhere!

Multicolor Hexagon Tile - Havana Collection

2- moroccan bathroom tiles

Eclectic, bright, and funky - these hexagon Moroccan tiles are all you need to add a touch of punk and exquisiteness to the space. The multiple bold hues of burnt orange, sage green, ocean blue, and mustard refine the color palette and infuse every vibrant Moroccan vibe possible.

Patterned Tile - Cement Collection

3- moroccan bedroom tiles

Ideal for eclectic and bohemian interior design styles - this cement tile flaunts a beautiful pattern with warmer hues reigning to introduce the ultimately authentic Moroccan vibe. The matte-finish tile can make a remarkable accent on the floor or even the walls of the bathroom or kitchen backsplash. 

Cotto Blue Tile - Encaustic Collection

4- moroccan kitchen backsplash tile

Featuring the quirky and bright hues of ocean blue and subtle gray-orange, this Moroccan tile is a great way to add pattern and color to the walls or floors. Fun, bright, and poppy - the tile is all set to bring a touch of vividness and warmth indoors.

Porcelain Tile - Artistic Wood Collection

5- porcelain moroccan tile

Fond of the diamond shape and a wood-like tile look? Well, this Moroccan tile dives deeper into the details and creates a perfect monochromatic backdrop. This high-quality porcelain tile can be used for wall as well as floor applications in the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, feature walls, and fireplace surround. 

Antique Gray Tile - Patchwork Collection

6- kitchen backsplash tiles

Exhibiting a perfect retro and contemporary appeal, this bold patterned Moroccan tile can be used to make a statement on the accent wall or floor. This neutral-hued tile allows multiple other bolder colors to be introduced in the form of furnishings, furniture, and decorative.

Star Tile - Jazz Collection

7- moroccan patterned tile

Don’t want the Moroccan tile to completely overwhelm the space? Well, this simple yet intriguing Moroccan pattern is definitely something to have an eye on. Classic and timeless, you can choose this pattern on the kitchen backsplash or even bathroom shower areas.

Late Fall Porcelain Tile - Joyful Collection

8- porcelain tile moroccan

Looking to completely transform your space with the help of tiles? This bright, fun-loving, jovial, and poppy accent tile is all set to make a remarkable statement! This tile can potentially add a touch of warmth and hence, must be used with warm wooden textures and tones of matte black to further feel the true beauty.

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