The Ultimate Guide To Tile Sizes For Bathrooms

The square footage of your bathroom plays a major role in defining the optimum size required for your bathroom tiles. Consider the scale to be directly proportional when choosing the bathroom floor tiles. The larger your bathroom is, the larger the size of the floor tiles preferred, and vice versa. Generally, ceramic and porcelain tiles make a great option for bathroom floors since they’re known to offer world-class characteristics such as aesthetics, strength, water and stain resistance, and extreme durability. 

At Mineral Tiles, we’re proud to offer a wide range of tile sizes, from small mosaics that are ½-inch square to larger tiles that are greater than 12 inches. Hence, this gives you immense possibilities when laying tiles on your bathroom floors, walls, and shower areas. Here’s a guideline that you must consider when working with tiles in your next bathroom remodel project. Remember, you must carefully and creatively play with the sizes of these tiles so as to not create a haphazard look!

Subsequent Areas and Recommended Sizes

Bathroom Tiles Sizes

  • Small Bathroom, Small Shower Floor Square Footage - 1-inch square
  • Small Bathroom, Small Shower Walls - 1-inch to 4-inch square
  • Medium to Large Bathroom and Shower Walls - 6-inch to 24 inch
  • Bathroom Floors (In general) - 1-inch square to 12-inch square and can be up to 24 and 30 inches for larger bathrooms
  • Bathroom Walls (In general) - 6-inch square up to 24-inch 

Guideline for Shower Floor & Wall Tile Sizes

bathroom shower tiles

For smaller bathrooms - Generally, it’s ideal to choose smaller mosaics and tiles for the shower wall as well as the floor since this can readily hold a better grip for your bare foot. Hence, lesser chances of slipping or sliding in the bathroom. In addition, these smaller tiles account for greater grout lines which can potentially provide much-needed friction when you walk around on the wet surface of your bathroom. Ideally, 1-inch to 4-inch mosaic tiles work effectively in this area. Another good option for shower floor are the 6-inch by 6-inch porcelain tiles.

For larger bathrooms - It’s generally best to use tiles that are greater than 4 inches up to 24 or 30 inches square. When viewed from a perspective, the smaller tiles in a larger bathroom can make your space look small and busy - on the other hand, it will also be quite difficult to clean the ample grout lines running for these smaller tiles. Hence, larger tiles will appear proportionate and will also be easy to clean.

Guideline for Bathroom Wall Tile Sizes

subway wall tile

For bathroom walls, we’d recommend that you choose sizes of 4 inches and beyond. Since most of the bathrooms are elongated or rectangular in plan, it’s best to choose bathroom wall tiles that are rectangular. For instance, choosing 4-inch by 24 or 30-inch tiles would be ideal! You can also choose subway tiles since they’re trending and can add a great decorative element to the space.

Guideline for Bathroom Floor Tile Sizes

bathroom floor tiles

The size of your bathroom floor tiles can be quite subjective. From 4-inch to 12-inch - it’s ideal that you choose a size that may not look very small or busy and at the same time, is easy to cut and lay. Generally, the 12-inch by 12-inch or 24-inch by 24-inch works the best! 

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