polished porcelain tile featured on a contemporary bathroom and wall

Apart from hues and patterns, the next important aspect of the aesthetics of a tile is the finish. This aesthetic feature has a major role to play in the overall appearance, feel, and safeness of the room. From glam and luxe to rustic and industrial - a tile finish can help craft the walls and floors of your home into total bliss!

When choosing a tile finish, it is important that you analyze the function of your room and understand how and where the tile will be used. So, let’s discuss these 6 types of finishes that will make a bold statement!

Glossy Finish Tiles

glossy finish subway tile

One of the most common, a glossy finish tends to exhibit a sophisticated, glam, and elegant look that brings out a modern and contemporary appeal in your space. Although this finish is quite easy to maintain and clean, at the same time, it is not as slip-resistant as the other finishes. So, not a recommendation in the wet areas such as shower floor or bathroom floors. But definitely, a must recommend as wall tiles in luxurious setups!

Matte Finish Tiles

Matte Finish Hexagon Tiles installed on a floor

As opposed to a glossy and mirror-like finish, the matte finish tiles have a granular and hard surface with a non-reflective backdrop. And since they tend to exhibit a rustic and industrial vibe - they can be used with your desired style. Due to the rough texture, this finish is absolutely slip-resistant and must be used in wet areas like your bathrooms and porches!

Honed Finish Tiles

honed finish arabesque white stone tile on a backsplash

This finish requires the tiles to be either glazed or unglazed, but in a soft and smooth, satin finish. This particular finish type tends to retain the natural character of the stone while not offering as easy cleanability characteristics as a polished tile! Secondly, they have better slip resistance than polished tiles! Hence, can be used as kitchens and backsplash tiles

Textured and Rustic Finish Tiles

Textured porcelain subway tile

Retaining the raw beauty of the material, a textured finish offers little to no shine - and at the same time, adding depth and dimension to a space. It can be used in high-traffic areas as it can easily hide the scratches and staining but should be avoided in the kitchens as they are quite hard to clean. They are also ideal for a good grip as they are slip-resistant - thus, making a great statement in bathrooms and wet areas!

Unglazed Finish Tiles

unglazed porcelain tile for commercial bathroom and floors

Unglazed tiles have an earthy and natural appearance that is devoid of a layer of glaze. They tend to exhibit a rustic and rough look that makes a great statement in high-traffic areas such as commercial and business centers. However, since this type of tile lacks a protective layer - it is quite a possibility for the liquids and stains to leave a mark on the surface!

Polished Finish Tiles

polished porcelain tile statuary white

In this finish, the glazed or unglazed tile is equipped with a polished surface to exhibit a high uniform luster. They tend to exhibit a luxurious feel while at the same time, offering slip-resistant characteristics.

So, now are you confident about picking an appropriate finish for your space? Well, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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