How To Choose the Perfect Swimming Pool Tile?

Summers are all about sipping your favorite drink, lounging in the sun, and diving into that dreamy swimming pool! Owning one may seem like a dream for most homeowners across the world and why not - it definitely exhibits a refreshing vibe, all year long! 

So, whether you plan to have a brand new pool or renovate the existing one - a major feature of concern is choosing the best swimming pool tiles. Since the options are endless and quality assurance must not be compromised, here is an enlisted guide on how to choose your swimming pool tiles wisely! 

Choose the Right Type of Tile

dark glass pool tile installed on a spa

First and foremost, you must decide the material of your tile. There is a wide array of opportunities available from glass to ceramic, and porcelain to natural stone. Generally, ceramic and porcelain tiles are one of the most commonly used due to extreme durability and affordability, but you can even choose glass pool tiles for a non-porous feature.

If you want a natural and Mediterranean feel, stone look tiles are a must. They tend to give a textural feel while imbibing a sense of nature and authenticity. So, once you decide on the material, you’re good to go!

Pick the Right Hue

swimming pool covered with mosaic tiles

Once you have finalized the right material, it’s time to coordinate the aesthetics and pick the perfect color for your swimming pool tiles or pool waterline tiles. They could either be green tilesblue tiles, white, teal, or something like blue-green! You can even choose a bolder and darker color to add depth and movement to your swimming pool, specially if you choose to use a mosaic pool tile! To add a creative vibe, you can even mix and match two prominent shades!

Generally, when choosing colors for the tile, you must consider the surrounding panorama, the amount of natural light or sunlight hitting the surface, surrounding structures, and the reflection of trees. 

Consider Where To Tile

pool tile winter snow

Next, you must ask yourself about where you plan to use this tile? Is it the surface of the pool, the wall, coping, deck, or the steps? Well, this must be especially considered in case you are renovating an existing pool. So, most importantly, you can add style and statement to your poll by using decorative tiles on the waterline edge.

Secondly, you can use a similar one for your floors, coping, and even the steps. However, no compulsion though! Creativity is always appreciated! Lastly, for your deck, you need to pick anti-slip pool tiles or materials that offer a better grip!

Check for Maintenance 

Durability and maintenance is a major point of concern. Hence, when picking the tiles for your swimming pool, ensure to recheck with your supplier about how to best clean and maintain the tiles!

What’s Your Budget

Lastly, schedule a budget even before you plan to build your dream swimming pool. Analyzing how much dollars should be spent on the tiles and labor is something that you must be concerned about. After all, you don’t want to go over the budget and then mess with your finances, right?

So, are you confident about picking that right tile for your swimming pool? If you’re still in confusion, get in touch with one of us to help you choose the perfect tiles for your dreamy swimming pool! 

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