Different Colors Subway Tile Herringbone Pattern on a Bathroom Wall

Subway tiles are rectangular, measuring typically around 3-4 inches by 6-12 inches with a length twice the height. Common in kitchens as well as bathrooms, these tiles are known for transforming the vibe of your space and making it feel more classical and seamless. When talking about patterns, the bathroom is a space that can benefit from each and every subway tile layout pattern.

Whether it’s herringbone tile pattern or running bond, basketweave tiles, or chevron tiles - the bathrooms (especially shower areas) are such notable spaces to use the subway tile. So, let’s have a look at these 5 different ways to use a subway tile in your bathroom!

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Try Subway Tiles All Around the Shower Area

Subway tiles grey around the shower

To achieve a modern and sleek look in your bathroom, try using the subway tiles all around the shower area. It will not just segregate the function of that corner but also make it a point of focus and attention. Meanwhile, these subway tiles are easier to maintain and clean - hence, a major plus point in the long run. You can best pair these subway tiles with a fresh coat of paint on the adjacent space!

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Limit the Use of Subway Tiles

Subway tile installed on a bathroom around the wainscoting

Another intriguing way to use the subway tiles in your bathroom is around the wainscotting. Just limit the stacking of the tiles to only a specific height to create a sense of break and contrast between the upper and lower half of your bathroom. You can infuse an interesting paint color or wallpaper pattern on the top of this tile layout for a striking and visually appealing look. 

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Use a Different Color and Pattern

mixed colors subway tiles installed on a bathroom wall in a herringbone pattern

Want your bathroom to stand out? Well, it’s time that you try a different color and pattern to make the entire space speak your style and character. The herringbone pattern can be used throughout the dry and wet zone to typically embrace a sense of sophistication and elegance. Meanwhile, depending on the size of your bathroom, choose a color that blends and makes your bathroom feel spacious and airy!

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Play Bold and Dramatic

dramatic subway tiles black on a bathroom wall

Subway tiles aren’t subtle and sober all the time! You can equally create a bold and dramatic look with a dashing pair of dark tiles stacked up to the height of the ceiling. You can either choose to run this tile all around the bathroom or just pick the shower area to stand out and play a focal point. You must also note the various finishes of these subway tiles - glossy, matte, semi-gloss, and metal

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Use Different Types of Tiles

Shower and Bathroom different colors subway tiles

Who says that you have to be limited to just one type of tile? Yes, you can absolutely create a contrast and add depth with two different types of tile patterns. In this image, the horizontal running bond plays flawlessly with stacked vertical heights! It divides focus and adds more depth and character to the space.

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Summing It Up

Well, there are endless ways to style that subway tile in your bathroom. You can play with textures, patterns, colors, zones, and even styles! Yes, the choice is yours. So, which particular style intrigued you the most? Do let me know in the comments below!

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