Subway Tile in Tender Grey installed on a kitchen backsplash

Talk about versatility and the subway tile options pop up right on the top of the list! Yes, the subway tiles are everyone’s favorite - and for obvious reasons. They can add a flair of fun and style to any wall surface in your home and moreover, blend with most interior decoration styles. However, did you know that there isn’t just a single way to style these subway tiles? Yes, let’s move on to the old-school way of styling the subway tiles and discuss some of the creative ways to spruce up those walls!


Herringbone Subway Tile installed on a floor

The herringbone pattern tiles is bound to add a visual statement to any space. The classic way to style the herringbone is by tilting it 90 degrees and stacking the tiles against each other. Especially for larger areas and taller surfaces like the shower, this type of layout works the best since it can add that striking and eye-catchy interest to the room.

Herringbone Subway Tile White

Stacked Vertical

Vertical Stacked Subway Tiles Olive Shower Carrara Marble Floor

This subway tile vertical stacked layout is quite a simple one! Just simply stack the tiles vertically on top and beside each other. It can tend to create an illusion of a larger and taller space. Hence, if you’re struggling with a room that has a low-height ceiling, styling these subway tiles in this layout is what you must look forward to!

Stacked Horizontal


Horizontal Pattern Stacked Subway Tile


This way of laying out the porcelain subway tile is similar to the ‘Stacked Vertical’ - except, the tiles here are laid out and stacked horizontally. This is a great way to create an illusion of a wider space! Especially for kitchen backsplash and bathroom shower areas - this typical way of styling the subway is what you must have an eye on!

Classic Running Bond - Horizontal

Subway Horizontal Brick Pattern

This is one of the most common ways of styling the subway tiles in your bathroom as well as the kitchen where the inspiration is derived from the conventional brickwork. The tiles are laid out horizontally to create a symmetrical and cohesive look in any space. And note that the color of the grout has a major role to play here - so, ensure to keep it subtle and well-blended. The classic subway tile horizontal pattern never gets old!

Subway Ceramic Wall Tile Tender Grey Glossy

Classic Running Bond Subway - Vertical

Subway Tile in a Vertical Pattern installed on a bathroom

Similar to the above, the only difference is that the tiles are laid vertically! It can tend to create a busy pattern which is why you must restrict the use of this pattern in very small areas like the kitchen backsplash. However, in the bathroom shower areas, it’s a must-have pattern to try on!


Basketweave tile pattern

Basketweave is a more updated look of the classic subway tile pattern. It adds an intriguing fresh and striking look to the space and makes your space feel symmetrical and balanced. You can choose to use this pattern on the kitchen backsplash as well as the bathroom shower area. 

Summing It Up

The subway tiles can make your space feel subtle and calm or loud and striking! And the layout pattern has a major role to play in it. So, it’s time that you pick your favorite pattern and let the wall have its own identity and character!

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