Vintage Subway - The Popular Antique Tile Collection

One of our most popular tile collections, Vintage Subway Distressed Tile is composed of high-quality ceramic tiles that mimic an authentic distressed and rustic look. Quite ideal for industrial, rustic, farmhouse, and shabby chic interior design styles - this tile collection has the power to make a notable statement in any corner of your home. Available in various hues and textures - let’s have a look at how you can decorate your home with our latest Vintage Subway collection.

Vintage Distressed Picket Blue Tile

vintage distressed picket tile

This distressed-looking ceramic tile can be used for interior applications on the floor as well as on walls. With a semi-gloss and smooth finish, this tile tends to exhibit a vintage appeal with a dominant blue hue playing a focal character. And since it’s a picket tile, you have the opportunity to style it both vertically as well as horizontally.

Iron Vintage Subway Tile 

Iron Vintage Subway Tile

This iron vintage subway tile has a raw and rustic appeal to make your space appear distressed, vintage, and industrial-like. And believe it or not, this tile will never go out of style - if you intend to use it for an appropriate design style. Although it looks rustic, it has a clean and smooth finish that’s quite easy to clean and maintain.

Gray Vintage Subway Tile 

vintage distressed picket tile

Looking for a rustic, bold, and dramatic appearance in your space? Well, have a look at this vintage warm gray subway tile that serves all the purposes. So, you can style it on the kitchen backsplash, living room feature walls, fireplace surroundings, and bathroom shower areas for a raw and earthy look. 

Iron Distressed Picket Tile 

vintage distressed picket tile

Available in semi-gloss or smooth finish, this iron picket tile has the potential to do wonders. Firstly, it creates an illusion of a broader or taller space and secondly, it can also make your room look larger by reflecting ample natural light. If you plan to style the picket tile horizontally, it will make your room appear broader. On the other hand, styling it vertically can exhibit illusions of higher ceilings. Lastly, note that this tile collection can be best used in country-style, farmhouse, contemporary, and modern spaces.

Aqua Vintage Subway Tile

Vintage Subway Distressed Tile Aqua 3x12

If you want to achieve a natural, cool, and calming effect in a room - one of the best ways to achieve the look is by styling this aqua vintage subway tile. This distressed tile will never go out of style and will always imbibe a refreshing, soothing, and tranquilizing vibe indoors. And since it has a smooth look - it’s quite easy to clean and maintain!

Rust Distressed Picket Tile 

vintage distressed picket tile

For a touch of luxe, glam, and simultaneously vintage - this rust distressed picket tile has the potential to gain a ton of attention. You can choose to style it either horizontally or vertically depending upon the size and perspective of your room. Furthermore, this tile is quite versatile and can complement any interior design style like traditional, modern, contemporary, or shabby chic.

Summing It Up

The vintage subway distressed tile collection can enhance any corner of your home! Whether it’s the kitchen backsplash, bathroom feature wall, or the living room accents - this tile collection can truly offer great aesthetics without compromising the budget or maintenance features. 

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