How To Clean Bathroom Tiles: Porcelain and Ceramic

Once you choose the best tiles for your bathroom - it’s ideal to know how to clean and maintain it. Since your bathroom is one of the spaces that is constantly exposed to moisture and grime from shampoo and soap, it undeniably reaches out for additional care. Your bathroom tiles require regular cleaning and scrubbing - only then will they be able to retain their original beauty, characteristics, and charm. In this article, we have briefed how to clean your ceramic and porcelain bathroom tiles so you can keep your space uptight and shining at all times along with a few FAQs that are often asked by homeowners.

How to Clean Bathroom Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles?

  • Brush Off Dust

First and foremost, it’s important that you wipe off the surface of your tiles with a dry cloth to get rid of the dust and debris. Remember, dry cleaning must always be the number one step! Avoid cleaning with a wet cloth since that can further spread out the dust to the adjacent tiles.

  • Recheck Chemicals Used and Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Remember to avoid the use of harsh chemicals on the tiles since that can easily damage the glaze on the surface in the coming years. Meanwhile, don’t hold back from wiping with a cloth immersed in warm water and some household detergent. Ammonia, bleach, and other acids are a big no-no! If you are looking for a home solution, here is a recipe for a homemade tile and grout cleaner.

  • Clean the Grout

Scrub an old toothbrush on the grout for easy cleaning methods. Just in case you have colored grout, we’d recommend that you stay away from the bleach since that can truly create a mess. You must try vinegar instead of bleach or maybe a whitening toothpaste to clear off the dust and debris from the grout.

  • Wipe it Dry

Now that you’ve deep cleaned the entire surface, it’s important that you wipe the tiles and grout with a dry cloth so the watermarks don’t settle in. 

How Often Should I Clean the Bathroom Tiles?

bathroom tiles

Ideally, you should deep clean the surface of your bathroom wall tiles weekly. However, after every bath, you must remember to wipe down the wet tiles using a dry cloth so it doesn’t collect any limescale, debris, or soap stains. Don’t overdo and scrub the bathroom tiles on a daily basis!

What Should You Not Clean Bathroom Tiles With?

A mild pH-neutral cleaner won’t affect or discolor your tiles but the heavy use of acidic chemicals or lemon can potentially harm your floor and wall bathroom tiles. Additionally, if bleach is used regularly, it can readily harm your tiles as well as grout. 

Can I Clean Bathroom Tiles With Vinegar and Baking Soda?

For the ceramic and porcelain tiles, cleaning the bathroom tiles with vinegar and baking soda will make an easier and more affordable approach. All you need is to wipe the surface using a dry cloth and then apply the paste by mixing vinegar and baking soda together. Give it a few minutes and in the end, clean off the surface using warm water. 

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