Using Tiles To Add Texture - 5 Ideas

Are you looking to add depth and texture to the walls? Perhaps, this interior design idea is absolutely in trend and will never fade away! The sense of charm and warmth that texture brings to a space is unmatchable and quite intriguing. So, what exactly is texture on tiles and how can it captivate your mind? Well, if you run your hands across this tile surface, you’re quite likely to feel a sense of ‘tactile’ that can readily add depth and dimension to the walls as well as the floors.

Adding tiles with texture is also a great way to infuse a sense of movement into the space. You can choose to install the textured tiles on a very small section like the kitchen backsplash, as an accent wall tile, and bathroom shower area or choose to completely clad the walls in a ‘tactile’ feel. We, at Mineral Tiles, are proud to offer a wide array of textured tile design options to be used for every style and decor. But let’s steal an eye of these 5 top designs!

Distressed Vintage Tile

1- textured wall tiles

This subway distressed tile possesses a rugged yet smooth texture to seamlessly complement the rustic and industrial interior design styles. The ‘damaged’ look of the tiles can make a versatile statement on the kitchen backsplash as well as bathroom walls and offer a vintage-like appeal to the space. And do you know one of the best characteristics of this vintage subway tile? Well, the smooth finish of the tiles allows easy cleaning and easy maintenance.

Reclaimed Wood-Look Tile

2- wood-look tiles

The reclaimed wood tiles are a great mimic product that offers a rustic and unfinished appeal. So, if you’re looking to add an earthy appeal while avoiding introducing real-time hardwood, these wood plank tiles are a must-go! When running your hand across the surface, you’re bound to sense the natural and raw feel of the tiles. In a way, these tiles are also responsible for bringing your space an inch closer to nature.

Textured Hexagon Porcelain Tile

3- textured hexagon tiles

Adding a sense of texture as well as movement with the help of a rustic finish and a notable hexagon tile shape - is a great way to infuse charm to your walls as well as floors. This high-quality porcelain tile is suitable for indoors and outdoors - whether balcony, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or dining room. In the wet shower areas, these tiles also offer anti-slip and anti-skid characteristics. 

Brushed Mosaic Tile

4- textured mosaic tiles

This glass mosaic tile is composed of three major elements - natural stone, glass, and stainless steel to offer a combination of three different finishes in a single tile product. The fusion of ‘brushed’, ‘smooth’, and ‘glossy’ makes this tile surface add a sense of movement and dimension to the walls. Moreover, the 3 in 1 characteristic is what further enhances and makes this tile an absolute product of distinctiveness and sophistication.

Limestone Hexagon Mosaic Tile

5- textured bathroom tiles

Available in three different finishes - honed, brushed, and carved, the limestone hexagon mosaic tile is one-of-a-kind. It offers a rustic appeal to the viewer that further captivates the mind and makes the space look raw, natural, and boho-like. This ideal is ideal for kids’ rooms, play areas, and other feature walls of your home.

So, are you inspired to use textured tiles for the next project in your home? Be sure to check our full range of textured tiles and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts! 

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