How To Curate The Perfect Poolside Area?

Are you lucky enough to have an outdoor pool in your home? Whether you’re looking to revamp the existing poolside area or completely introduce a new one - every poolside call for utmost serenity, calm, and rejuvenation. This is the space to unwind yourself after a long day at work - whether sunbathing in the winter or evening lounging in the summer. However, apart from curating the pool itself - there are various other factors to make this outdoor heavenly space aspirational and welcoming. 

From introducing the desired outdoor tiles (anti-skid) to a delightful dining area, some plantation, and a shady structure to go - you’re very close to curating the ultimately perfect poolside area. In this article, we will discuss some creative ways to style the outdoor pool space for fun and relaxation!

Introduce the Anti-Skid Tiles

Anti-slip porcelain tiles for outdoor

First thing first - safety first! It’s important to source anti-skid tiles to reduce the risk of slipping or sliding. Since the poolside area is prone to accumulating water and making the surface wet, it’s ideal to choose outdoor tiles that have a better grip on holding one’s feet in place. You may choose a matte-finish tile for the swimming pool surround and further extend the anti-skid tiles for the entire poolside area. All you need to ensure is a rough or rugged surface and a no-gloss feel to achieve the desired look.

At Mineral Tiles, we have a large range of non-slip tiles to easily suit the outdoors and wet applications. Ensuring safety and security, you can now let your children and their friends come over for a poolside party and enjoy the utmost summertime fun!

Add a Shading Structure

Outside Tile in a shade area

Now that you’ve picked the perfect outdoor tiles, it’s time to make this open space slightly protected against the harsh incoming sun. For the ultimate poolside retreat, it’s ideal to choose a shading structure or cabana that can help you lounge protected in the sun as well as during the monsoon season. You can even choose sun loungers and umbrellas for additional protection!

Embrace a Dining Space

Outside dining area using floor tiles

A poolside dining or living space is beyond luxury! Whether you’re looking to host pool parties or invite your guests for a casual evening - a dedicated sitting space can make it even more warm and welcoming. You can choose to pop up this space with the help of contrasting outdoor tiles that demarcate the area’s function. Secondly, don’t forget to add outdoor lighting in the form of strips or fairy lights to be able to use the space during nighttime as well.

Plantation, Plantation Everywhere

outside pool area with green

Another way to introduce nature indoors - plantation, plantation, everywhere! Style with green elements in the form of shrubs and planters along the edge and perimeter of the poolside area to feel even more refreshing and rejuvenating. You can even choose to install larger plants that offer shade during the warm summertime months.

So, are you excited to get started with your dream poolside project? Well, browse your favorite outdoor tiles to create a super stylish space that intrigues and steals the eye of your guests over and over again!

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