6 Stunning Gray Tile Ideas For Your Bathroom

Are you looking for ways to make your bathroom clean, sleek, and streamlined? Adding the color gray can beautifully transform your space into an absolute spa-like experience. This crisp and cool color allows you to play bold or subtle, depending on the overall color palette and design style. There are endless gray tile patterns and styles to feature in your bathroom - whether on the walls or floors. Hence, we have handpicked these 6 stunning gray tile bathroom ideas that will always prove timeless and versatile.

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Persia Grey Subway Tile


1- gray tile ideas


Inspired by Moroccan and Algerian tiles, this is a lightly distressed, glossy finish, and irregular-edged subway tile. The long, rectangular shape of the bathroom wall and floor tiles will make the space feel wider and quite elongated. For a monochromatic appeal, add shades of metallic black and white accents for an ultimate serene-like feel. For a touch of luxury, add shades of satin brass to the lighting and sanitary fixtures!

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Patterned Antique Gray Tile


2- bathroom gray tiles


Vintage and classic, the Patterned Antique Gray tile is all you need to add a touch of depth and dimension to your bathroom. This gray bathroom tile idea must be used to accentuate a surface - whether walls or flooring of the bathroom. Generally, this quirky gray bathroom tile can make a stunning statement on the flooring while further amalgamating with the light gray or off-white tiles on the walls.

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Light Gray Ceramic Tile

6 Stunning Gray Tile Ideas For Your Bathroom

Feel refreshed in your bathroom by keeping the aura light and airy with these Light Gray Ceramic tiles. Featuring a lighter hue and a subway-like pattern, you can choose to clad these tiles all the way up to the bottom of the bathroom ceiling. Ideal for smaller, contemporary bathrooms - this is also a great way to make your space look larger.

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Terrazzo Porcelain Tile

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Creating a wainscotting pattern with the help of terrazzo gray tiles shouldn't be a bad idea either, right? Choose to go two-way and pick a subtle white tile to clad the remaining bathroom walls. Moreover, note how beautifully the matte black accents on the window frames contrast with the chic, clean walls and floors. Totally a game changer for transitional, contemporary, and Scandinavian-style bathrooms.

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Atol Porcelain Tile

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Mimic the look of natural stone and make your bathroom feel timelessly modern with our latest Atol porcelain floor and wall tiles. Keep it neutral, classy, and elegant, and choose this monochromatic color scheme to go all the way to your bathroom walls and floors. Although it’s not too bad to play with various shapes and tile finishes. Gray bathroom tiles accentuate the most with matte black accents - whether on the lighting and sanitary fixtures, hardware, or glass door frames.

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Penny Round Stone Gray Tile

6- gray bathroom designs

Get playful like this gray bathroom design by opting for whimsical flooring with the help of penny-round stone gray tiles. The drama and dynamism of the floor make a stunning contrast with the white tub and the silver-gray-painted walls. And let’s pay attention to the tiny details on the tiles - yes, the gray metallic finish in amalgamation with gray natural stone.

Intrigued by the idea of having a timeless gray bathroom? Well, did any of the above-mentioned gray bathroom tile ideas inspire you?

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