7 Pool Tile Ideas To Create A Dream Outdoor Space

This pool season, it’s time that you give your outdoors an ultimate spa and oasis-like feel. Whether you admire soaking in the sun or simply lounging by the pool - this space deserves utmost attention. However, when remodeling or building a new pool - the swimming pool tiles can visually create a striking appeal. Choose to go “bold” or “vintage” and “modern” or “traditional” - these handpicked 7 pool tile ideas will immerse you into serenity and make your space stand out! 

Clear Glass Aqua Tile

1- swimming pool tiles

The tones of aqua are reminiscent of the blue-green waters of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Whether or not you reside closer to the beach, these clear glass aqua tiles will also create an illusion of enlarged pool space. Yes, the refraction and reflection of light play all together to create a beautiful experience, isn’t it?

Solid White Recycled Glass Tile

2- pool tile ideas

White mosaic tiles are a great way to make your swimming pool stand out uniquely! They can undeniably bring a chic modern and minimalist look to your outdoors while making the space feel cool and calm. However, do take into consideration your natural surroundings, the material and color of the deck, and the landscape to complement the white swimming pool tiles.

Pale Blue Iridescent Tile

3- modern pool tile

Blue pool mosaic tiles will always play classic and timeless! These turquoise blue iridescent glass mosaic tiles can also make a wonderful statement on the waterline when amalgamated with aqua, turquoise, or white mosaic tiles on the pool surface. Create a beautiful ‘subway’ pattern to further add a sense of dimension to your pool!

Turquoise Mosaic Tile


4- glass mosaic tiles


Not all modern pool tiles have to be monochromatic, right? Well, in this case, the turquoise glass mosaic tiles are multi-hued in sky blue, pale blue, mustard, brown, and shades of gray to create an antique-like appeal in the pool. Here, the lobster imprint along with the mosaic tile is what grabs the utmost attention.

Reef Cobalto Square Tile

5- pool mosaic tile

Speaking of sleek contemporary pool style, the square cobalt blue tiles give you the opportunity to create a unique and personalized look. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, this is one of the best modern pool waterline tile ideas. You can either choose to go seamless or pair this waterline tile with classic cobalt blue swimming pool porcelain tiles to embrace versatility.

French Pattern Seafoam Tile

6- porcelain pool tiles

Got a traditional outdoor design or a Country-style home? Well, the French pattern seafoam swimming pool tiles possess the utmost vintage look. The lighter tones of minty green and sky blue are bound to make your swimming pool quite a scenic and refreshing outdoor feature. The pool tiles are rugged and slip-resistant - hence, ideal for other wet applications.

Vieques Blend Mosaic Tile

7- mosaic pool tile

Generic, classic, and timeless - the Vieques Blend Pool Mosaic Tile is an absolute product of sophistication. The shades of blue and contrasting shapes on the swimming pool tile create an illusion and offer an ultimate spa-like feel. These tiles can make a great statement on the waterline as well as the underneath pool surface.

At Mineral Tiles, we take pride in offering today’s best selection of home, pool, and swimming pool tiles to bring your residential or commercial spaces to life. Get in touch with us to know more!

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