5 Best Backsplash Tiles for Mid-Century Modern Design

A perfect synonym of functionality and simplicity, the mid-century modern interior design style is mainly characterized by organic shapes, minimal ornamentation, clean and crisp lines, and an organic form. When it comes to decorating with backsplash tiles, there are a number of ways to style in mid-century modern design.

Let’s talk about the organic shape of the tiles, bolder retro hues, and geometric patterns. Here, at Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide array of backsplash tiles that can easily complement your mid-century modern design style. Let’s have a look! 

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Patterned Tile

Backsplash pattern tile

Incorporate bold, beautiful, and colorful patterns on your backsplash tiles to juxtapose the simple and clean lines of this interior design style. Especially if the backsplash tiles showcase an intricate array of geometric patterns, there’s no way that you hold back. Generally, it’s ideal that you choose large-scale patterns over small petite patterns which are quite authentic to the era and design style.

If the geometric patterned tiles are truly overwhelming your kitchen, try adding just an accent backsplash over the cooktop or a particular wall in the kitchen. 

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Brass Inlay Hexagon Tile

backsplash tiles for kitchen

Hexagons are considered to be a quintessential shape of the mid-century modern era. The bold black hue of the tiles flaunts the luxe and chic inlay brass work that makes a beautiful statement on the kitchen backsplash or even the bathroom shower areas. Pair this sleek hexagon backsplash tile with touches of satin brass on the lighting fixtures, hardware, and other sanitary fixtures.

This backsplash tile is quite characteristic and bold - hence, it’s ideal to let the surrounding elements be simple, clean, and sleek.

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Fish Scale Colored Tile

kitchen tile backsplash

This typical mid-century modern backsplash tile adds instant character to the kitchen. The subtle and soothing hue pops up and makes the kitchen look eye-catching and energetic. These fish-scale backsplash tiles specifically complement the pine or oak wooden finish, all-white cabinets, and accents of metallic black.

The intriguing shape of the tile is rather simple, functional yet quirky - hence, a major characteristic of mid-century modern design. 

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Stacked Subway Tile

kitchen backsplash tile ideas

The classic subway tiles are not just limited to transitional and contemporary design styles but also mid-century modern. You can choose to stack them horizontally or vertically - depending on your palette, design style, and desired appeal. Now here’s where you must choose a bold and dramatic color to let the mid-century modern vibe dive in.

With subway backsplash tiles, you must be careful and uniformly lay the grout lines for a clean, crisp, and modern look. 

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Wave Glossy Wall Tile

backsplash tile ideas

From penny round to hexagon, fish scale to wave - the mid-century modern design is all about creating unique shapes in a way that offers simplicity yet a distinctive look. These glossy black wave tiles are stacked vertically to create an illusion of a taller space. You can choose a bold and outstanding color to complement your mid-century modern color palette while allowing the surrounding elements to be light and sleek.

The visual interest and pattern created by the wave tiles are absolutely stunning and complement the mid-century era. 

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So, which according to you is the best backsplash tile for your mid-century modern backdrop? Well, it’s important that you consider bolder tones and unique shapes to bring the era on board. We’d love to know your thoughts and visually admire these mid-century backsplash tiles in your home! Drop us the images so we can showcase them to the world. 

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