Contemporary Shower featuring a Black Marble and Brass Mosaic Tile by Mineral Tiles paired with gold accent hardware and walnut cabinets

To define utmost luxury and elegance in your space, it’s time to have an eye for the ultimate Inlay Brass Tile Collection. It feels exquisitely rich and sophisticated - and at the same time, exhibits a modern and glam appearance. They are crafted with utmost details in a way to blend the rich marble with brass metal to create an overall composed look.

Presenting as one of the most luxurious collections, these brass tiles are something to incorporate in contemporary, eclectic, and Hollywood Glam interior design styles. Let’s have a look at these fabulous tile designs to invite utmost splendor and magnificence at home. 

Inlay Brass and Black Tile

Contemporary Bathroom Wall Brass Tile Black paired with gold accent hardwares, and walnut cabinets

Designing For Glam with Inlay Brass Tile Collection

Elevating the bathroom, kitchen, and living room backdrop - the brass and black marble mosaic tile will exhibit a total modern look. It creates an interesting pattern on the wall - thus, grabbing the attention of the viewers.

Secondly, it’s best to pair this tile combination with an off-white or gray palette on the adjacent wall. This pyramid-shaped structure further delivers a three-dimensional appearance.

Inlay Brass and White Chevron Tile

Designing For Glam with Inlay Brass Tile Collection

Sharing synonyms with glamorous and majestic - the brass and white chevron tiles add a sense of movement and dynamism to a room. With a soothing combination of premium natural stone and brass - the tile tends to create a perfect focal perspective.

This combination can be placed in the living room feature wall, fireplaces, and even kitchen backsplash. The black hue would seamlessly complement this palette!

Inlay Brass and White Hexagon Tile

Designing For Glam with Inlay Brass Tile Collection

The glam and ultra-modern backdrops would adore a pattern like brass and black marble hexagon mosaic tile. Not only does it exhibit a rich and majestic appeal but also tends to add a sense of movement and hierarchy in the space.

This tile would play flawlessly with eclectic kitchens and glam living rooms - but can also be incorporated in luxury hotels, resorts, and conference centers.

Calacatta Gold Marble and Brass Mosaic Tile

Designing For Glam with Inlay Brass Tile Collection

Amalgamating elegance with utmost creativity, this uniquely-shaped Marble Tile has the solution to your modern and glam backdrops. This combination exhibits a rich and mesmerizing appearance - while defining a sense of character and identity to the walls.

It doesn’t feel too overwhelming - hence, can play a perfectly soothing and tranquilizing accent. Moreover, you can use it for kitchen backsplash, bedroom headboard walls, fireplaces, and living room accent walls.

Brass Thassos Mosaic Tile

Designing For Glam with Inlay Brass Tile Collection

One of the most distinctive and contemporary - the brass thassos mosaic tile is a symmetrical, square-shaped tile that can be used in modern and glam setups. It has a detailing of vertical and horizontal lines that exhibit a sense of movement and dynamism on the walls.

You can even let that feature wall shine bright in these tiles and further pair them with tinges of black to create a flabbergasting experience. 

Summing It Up

The brass and gold-tinted metallic accents are a must when designing for glam and ultra-modern backdrops. And incorporating these tiles is an excellent way to achieve that style. Now all you have to do is to choose a particular pattern to help give your walls an upliftment.

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