Studio Hexagon Porcelain Tile by Mineral Tiles

Hexagonal tile patterns are making a huge headline in the interior design industry. Now that rectangular, square, and diamond-shaped tiles are considered old-school and traditional - more and more homeowners are getting closer to such chic and bespoke shapes. Deriving inspiration from the ancient honeycomb style, this pattern also plays quite versatile and timeless. Whether it’s the industrial, rustic, mid-century modern, modern, contemporary, or transitional style - these tiles fit one for all.

So, want to know how you can best incorporate the hexagonal tiles in your home? Let’s have a look!

Hexagon Swirl Blue Porcelain Tile

This high-quality porcelain tile is honed finish and has an intriguing hexagonal shape to be used in contemporary as well as modern setbacks. Suitable for interior as well as exterior wall and floor applications, the clean and crisp design of the tile can be used for kitchen and bathroom backsplash. You can mix and match the pattern to further create a dramatic effect!

Hexagon Multicolor Porcelain Tile

The rustic finish of this hexagonal tile makes a great statement in the bathroom, kitchen backsplash, entryway, living room, and bedroom. Especially for vintage and industrial appeal, this timeless piece of tile proves quite worthy. Moreover, you can blend various hues and textures to add a dramatic effect indoors. Want to throw a pop of hue in the room, this hexagon tile is your answer.

Slide Sapphire Hexagon Tile

This matte finish tile is a great recommendation for wet floor applications such as shower areas and outdoors. The enchanting blue shade has the potential to grab the attention of the viewer while giving the room a perfect sense of focus, symmetry, and hierarchy. And especially with the kitchen backsplash, this tile plays phenomenally well.

Magnolia Hex Tile

With a notable wavy surface and a flexible hexagon shape, the high-quality, glossy gray tile gives your room a perfect sense of tranquility and serenity. Especially if you’re craving a pastel theme in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room - this magnolia hexagon tile plays quite eye-catchy and subtle. 

Reclaimed Hexagon Tile

Infusing a warmer tone indoors, the shades of burnt orange and wood mimic a perfect natural and organic texture. It feels rustic and distressed - hence, can perfectly be used in rustic, industrial, and vintage interior design styles. And don’t forget, you can mix and match the various tones to create a contrasting and modern appeal.

Sunset Porcelain Hexagon Tile

The European-style décor embraces the use of these contemporary porcelain hexagon tiles. Exhibiting a clean and crisp look and feel, the hexagon tiles have a mesmerizing, natural look to give the walls a perfect sense of creativity. The shades of blue and mustard in the tile are something to look forward to - and you can best pair it with white and blue adjacent hues on the wall.

Summing It Up

Undeniably, these hexagon tiles are one of the most popular trends in the interior design industry. Not only do they look aesthetically appealing but also add a dynamic and dramatic appeal to the walls and floors. So, it’s time to give your home a perfect makeover with these hexagon tiles onboard! 

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