Play Focal With The Gorgeous Slide Tile Collection

Your bathroom and kitchen deserve a focal and fundamental statement. Whether it’s the tile on the backsplash or the floor - this latest Slide Floor and Wall Tile Collection is bound to take your breath away. And not just limited to the utility areas but you can also incorporate some fun in the living room, dining room, and bedrooms.

Available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and shapes - this gorgeous tile collection offers an eye-catchy and stunning appeal. Made from high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile, let’s have a look at these beautiful 6 tile ideas from the Slide Tile Collection.

White Glossy Picket Tile

With a perfectly polished finish and a wavy surface, these tiles are undeniably a great option for the bathrooms and kitchens. They tend to add a sense of drama and character to the walls while featuring an utmost break in the monotony. Moreover, it feels so subtle and calm that it can almost make your space look larger and wider.

Slide Teal Hexagon Tile

Let’s talk about playing creative and quirky! This teal matte hexagon tile can totally transform your space into a blissful haven. And since this tile grabs all the attention, you must ensure to choose neutrals for the vertical perspective of your room. Generally, it’s best to incorporate these tiles in the bathroom, mudroom, and laundry room. 

Slide Smoke Subway Tile

This dark and bold tile backdrop is bound to create a focal statement on the kitchen backsplash. With a notable wavy surface and an attractive polished look, you can choose to use it on the walls but not the floors. The versatility of this tile makes a wonderful statement in the contemporary, modern, and traditional.

White Matte Hexagon Tile

It’s time to go light and bright! With these white matte-finish hexagon tiles, you can create a sense of drama and dynamism in the bathroom, laundry room, shower, patios, and kitchen. Since it can be used for both wall and floor applications, you must not hold back from a modern and monochromatic touch.

Slide Sapphire Glossy Tile

Let’s embrace a touch of luxe and sophistication with this elegant pair of slide sapphire glossy tiles. You can incorporate these tiles on the kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower, and featured walls. (Not the floors though)

Furthermore, you must pair it with golden or brass hardware and dramatic neutral or abstract wallpapers!

Teal Herringbone Subway Tile

With a smooth and glossy finish, the beautiful tile pieces dedicate and embrace a timeless effect. Featuring an eclectic and maximalist style, the teal on the tiles make a bold and eye-catchy statement. And since it’s quite durable - it makes a great investment!

Summing It Up

This is a tile collection you would never regret! With a creative and quirky look, these tiles will undeniably make a focal statement and grab the attention of the guests. So, are you excited to incorporate any? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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