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How often do you embrace a simplistic and subtle touch in your bathroom and kitchen? Well, these Spanish-made subway ceramic tiles have a perfectly modern and minimal touch to spark a sense of crispness in the space. The versatility and timelessness of these tiles make a great option to be used in the shower areas, bathroom, and kitchen backsplash.

These wall ceramic subway tiles come in a 3 x 12 size and a wide variety of eye-catchy and subtle hues and textures. You have the option to choose from a wavy surface, an arrow-textured pattern, and a bullnose piece. So, let’s have a look at these fabulous 6 wall ceramic tile ideas to incorporate in the home.

Waterloo Ceramic Tile

Waterloo Ceramic Tile

An easy way to decorate and add a timeless appeal, Waterloo ceramic tiles offer extreme versatility and beauty to the walls. So, whether you want to add an accent wall or clad all the walls with this tile, the result will absolutely be soothing and dramatic. Note that this tile can also be used in country-style, traditional, and modern.

White Ceramic Tile

Waterloo Ceramic Tile

Especially for smaller bathrooms, these white ceramic tiles play phenomenal and functional. Not only do they exhibit a clean and pure look but also create an illusion of a larger and airier space. Available in a glossy or smooth finish, the tiles are a great element for Farmhouse and Bohemian backdrops.

Sea Salt Ceramic Tile

Waterloo Ceramic Tile

Pastels are the new cool. And with such a soothing and tranquilizing color like sea salt - you must not give a second thought. It tends to add a refreshing vibe while revitalizing your thoughts and making you feel calm and composed. These tiles have a notable green color that will never go out of style. 

Gray Ceramic Tile

Waterloo Ceramic Tile

If you embrace the modern and monochromatic touch - the gray ceramic tiles will prove utmost versatility and timelessness. With a smooth finish, you can choose to clad all the walls in this tile and let the bathroom complement the contemporary and modern style. Note that this tile exhibits a cool effect!

Beach Sand Ceramic Tile

Waterloo Ceramic Tile

On the contrary to gray ceramic tile, the Beach Sand has warm gray tiles that exhibit a welcoming and warmer experience. They can be used right up to the ceiling to create an illusion of higher ceilings and larger space. Secondly, they make a great statement in the modern Farmhouse, Scandinavian, and Bohemian interior design styles.

Alabaster Ceramic Tile

Waterloo Ceramic Tile

The warm white tiles will never go out of style and fashion. They expose a warmer and welcoming experience while giving that bathroom a rustic and wholesome appeal. These tiles can be used on all the walls and up to the height of the ceiling. Available in a smooth and glossy finish, these tiles are only doable for walls.

Summing It Up

It’s all about that hue you’re craving for! So, it’s time to choose that perfect color for your wall ceramic tile to create a dashing flair of statement!

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